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Found 5 results

  1. Hello again...I see that since they've come out with "Planeswalkers" that they have added newer abilities. I purchased a booster box of M19 & pre-ordered a box of Guilds in hopes to build a "great" deck and get back into the tourney scene. I need a little help, as I pulled a few Planeswalkers, and not sure how to play the abilities. I will attach pictures of the cards in question, along with a land card. What is this new diamond looking thing? Are the Planeswalker cards only used in "commander" or can they be used in modern play as well? What do the plus and minus symbols mean? How do you activate them? Do you use life, or is it activated by that the diamond symbol on the land card? Thanks for your help in advance..
  2. I haven't started on this yet, but I'm going to see if what it'll take to make the Liliana Planes walker deck more competitive. I'd like to try to do it as a budget upgrade. What do you think? Do more Zombies and less big stompys. Here's the base deck. 1 Liliana, Death Wielder 1 Festering Mummy 2 Dune Beetle 4 Tattered Mummy 1 Channeler Initiate 2 Baleful Ammit 3 Desiccated Naga 2 Gravedigger 1 Crocodile of the Crossing 2 Giant Spider 2 Decimator Beetle 2 Liliana's Influence 2 Splendid Agony 1 Edifice of Authority 1 Luxa River Shrine 1 Oracle's Vault 2 Trial of Ambition 2 Cartouche of Ambition 2 Cartouche of Strength 1 Gift of Paradise 4 Foul Orchard 1 Grasping Dunes 11 Swamp 9 Forest
  3. Out of the Kaladesh planeswalkers, which is your favorite? Before automatically voting Chandra, do you think there's a chance she's not going to live up to the hype?
  4. Zombies... Zombies everywhere… Running towards Emrakul (who has been causing too much trouble in Innistrad), trying to take the beastly creature down and restore peace among the townspeople. Who is this person that is able to raise an army of the dead and attack Emrakul? It is the return of Lilliana! Lilliana, the Last Hope's mana cost is pretty low, at only one colorless and two black to cast. Her loyalty counter is three, which is also pretty low; hopefully the other player doesn't get a chance to kill her too quickly. Lilliana's abilities seem to work great when coupled with a Zombie themed deck. Her abilities are as follows: [+1]: Up to one target creature gets -2/-1 until your next turn. [-2]: Put the top two cards of your library into your graveyard, then you may return a creature card from your graveyard to your hand. [-7]: You get an emblem with "At the beginning of your end step, put X 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens onto the battlefield, where X is two plus the number of Zombies you control." As I've asked before, will this be seeing play despite some of the bad comments made about this card so far? It’s possible that we will be seeing a lot of Zombie decks being brewed, maybe even with the Pro-Players. How do you feel about this new Lilliana? As always thanks for reading my blog!
  5. As the Eldritch Moon spoilers continue, it is revealed that two Planeswalkers will be making their return to the Magic the Gathering world, as they try to take on the mighty Emrakul, the Promised End. The Planeswalker I want to talk about first is originally from the Avacyn Restored: Tamiyo, Field Researcher. (Pictures below). Tamiyo costs one less mana to cast, though this time it is with three different colors: Green, White, Blue, and one Colorless, instead of three Colorless and two Blue. The new Tamiyo starts with 4 loyalty counters, just like the original Tamiyo did. Additionally, she has some interesting abilities. Those abilities are as follows: +1: Choose up to two target creatures. Until your next turn, whenever either of those creatures deals combat damage, you draw a card. -2:Tap up to two target nonland permanents. They don't untap during their controller's next untap step. -7: Draw three cards. You get an emblem with "You may cast nonland cards from your hand without paying their mana costs." Will this new Tamiyo get a lot of gameplay in the tournaments in the future? I know if I have Tamiyo in my deck I will definitely use her on the tabletop, but that’s just my opinion. As far as seeing this card being used a good amount by pro players, or used in the Grand Prix, we will have to wait for it to be released officially. How do you feel about the new Tamiyo? What type of deck would you build around her? As always, thanks for reading my blog!