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Found 7 results

  1. When I was looking at Death Spark, the wording threw me for a minute. "If Death Spark is in your graveyard with a creature card directly above it..." Something that I guess have never come up, is can you not change the order of cards in your graveyard? Do they have to stay in the same order as they go into it?
  2. Want to be sure when prevent combat spells can be cast. It's my opponents turn and they declare attackers. I can play Fog right away and prevent that damage. But let's assume I know he has something like Rancor in his hand or a spell to beef up his attackers. So I don't declare blockers and let him attack. He casts Rancor on his creature(s). Can I cast Fog after I don't declare blockers and he casts Rancor?
  3. Lately I've been hearing people on social media and YouTube dump on Intro Packs. Their point is that Intro Packs are the worst product Wizards sells, because the cards in the deck are crap and not worth anything. Not only that, you can't pick one up and play at FNM. These people are missing the point, I completely disagree with this point of view. Intro Packs are a great way to introduce new players to the game. They are a small investment for someone who isn't sure whether they will enjoy playing Magic or not. They aren't made with collectors or experienced players in mind. They are made for new players to grab a deck with a mix of mechanics and creatures to open and play with. New players don't know and/or don't care about Magic finance. They just want to try playing. Intro Packs are great to keep on hand, too. Usually the decks experienced (using that term loosely) play with are a mixed bag of mechanics and combos that you have to play test to know how to use it. With a few Intro Packs on hand you can use those to play against or with a new player and explain the basics. They aren't made with FNM or competitive play in mind. Lots of the people who dump on Intro Packs say you're better off getting a few packs and building a deck. Of all the people I've introduced to the game (which is everyone I currently play with now, I introduced all of them to the game) this can be intimidating. To buy packs and put a deck together for a new player is like reading a different language and often leads to frustration and confusion. So people can talk about how worthless Intro Packs are. They don't have any high value cards. So what? That's not the goal. The goal is to give someone a ready to play deck with creatures, spells and lands that they can open it and play with. I love Intro Packs, they are a great tool to teach new players how to play. Hell, even I started with an Intro Pack back in the day during Darksteel. I used it and as I got used to playing I removed a few cards here and there until it was unrecognizable from the original deck. And that's the point. My rant is over, what say you?
  4. Question about Apothecary Initiate and it's ability. This example could be used with other cards, but for the sake of argument we'll use this one. Let's say I have two copies of Apothecary Initiate on the battlefield. My turn begins and with those two creatures, I play another white spell. After that white spell, I have four untapped Plains. I tap those four untapped Plains to gain one life. Do I gain eight life, four for each Apothecary or do I gain four?
  5. For arguments sake let's say my opponent and I both have a 1/1 creature. I attack and my opponent plays Smite Do both 1/1 creatures die due to damage dealt? Or is my creature destroyed before damage is assigned?
  6. You're in a draft and this is the first pack. What is your pick and why?
  7. I know this is a noob question, but this came up in our last play group and a couple of people were curious about it. Hoping you all can clear it up. This is my battlefield: This was their battlefield: On my turn, I play another Ally creature which triggers Rally on Firemantle Mage. I attack with both Firemantle Mages and my opponent wants to block both of them. My thought was that both of their creatures would block the first Firemantle Mage but the second one would go through unblocked. They asked if they could block each Firemantle Mage with their wall and token, or would the token be dead after the first one and/or could the wall block both separately? Hope this scenario makes sense, thanks