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Found 29 results

  1. To clarify let me set up the scenario. Two players left (from a multiplayer game). Player 1 has 3 Platinum Angels Player 2 has a few Angels of her own and True Conviction They both have about 30 cards left in their deck. Player 2 keeps hitting player 1 with their flying creatures for about 60 health each time with the help of True Conviction. Player 2 doesn't have any way to remove all three of the Platinum Angels. Player 1 is basically sitting and waiting until they both run out of cards in their library because she can't lose so she is just taking the damage. Does Player 1 go into negative life or does she stay at 0? I know in this scenario it doesn't really matter but if Player 1 had a way to start gaining life would she go into positive or have to dig out of the hole that Player 2 put her in before her life went into the positive again? Hope this makes sense
  2. Question about Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon and sweepers that happened last weekend with my playgroup. Let's make this as easy as possible as an example: Player 1 has Skithirynx and Necroskitter on the field Player 2 has 5 3/3 token creatures and 2 of them have -1/-1 counters. On their turn, Player 2 casts Languish. Since all creatures die, does Player 1 still take control of the 2 token creatures with -1/-1 counters?
  3. Pretty sure I have this one right but making sure I didn't misinterpret (cause that's never happened ) There is a set of curses in the Commander 17 decks that read like Curse of Bounty. So if I cast this on another player, when it reads "Whenever enchanted player is attacked, untap all nonland permanents you control. Each opponent attacking that player untaps all nonland permanents he or she controls." The you it's referring to is me, not the enchanted player because I own the Curse. Is that correct?
  4. Have a question about crewing Vehicles and end of turn effects. If I crew a Vehicle and cast something like Glorious End or activate Sundial of the Infinite, does the vehicle remain a creature permanently? When you crew a vehicle, it remains a creature until the end of turn. But with something like Sundial, all spells and abilities on the stack are exiled. What happens?
  5. Have a question about a card from Hour of Devastation: Solemnity If you have Solemnity on the battlefield and cast Thing in the Ice, does it transform after the spell resolves?
  6. I noticed a mention about this on DailyMTG, so had to check out the article. It can be found here:
  7. At a tournament, how does a Judge decide to test cards they believe are fake? Do they have many resources to test cards or is it more of a judgement call based on what they think at the moment?
  8. Question about Temur Battle Rage. Let's say I have a Gurmag Angler on the battlefield. I have two Temur Battle Rages in my hand and enough mana to cast both. I cast both on the single Gurmag Angler, does it stack or is the second one useless?
  9. Looking into budget alternatives for Wasteland, and I'm looking for clarification. Wasteland can destroy a non basic land, while Ghost Quarter can destroy a land. The only downside to Ghost Quarter is the lands controller searches for and gets a basic land on the battlefield. Am I missing something that makes Wasteland that much better than Ghost Quarter?
  10. Saw this card in @TOTALmtg deck tech video, and it's one of those rulings I'm pretty sure I know the answer to but want to be sure before I tell someone the wrong information If two or more of my creatures die in a turn, I scry how many cards?
  11. Let's say I have two copies of Delver of Secrets on the battlefield. On my upkeep, do I reveal two cards from the top of my library or one card?
  12. Looking back at Oath of the Gatewatch and their decision to include the new mana symbol for Wastes/Colorless, and I gotta say I think it was a mistake. If it were a change limited to that block it would be one thing. But the way they rolled it out and the confusion it caused (some of which they caused by having videos like this that were painful to watch) was just unnecessary. One of the reasons they claim they rolled this change out is because they said having a generic mana symbol was confusing for new players and this convoluted mess would somehow make it less confusing. It did the exact opposite. Having a generic mana symbol that you can use any color with was one of the least confusing parts of the game. Now having another mana symbol to explain and some cards have the waste symbol but older cards don't and you need yet another type of land to cast these... it's unnecessary.
  13. Are From the Vault cards tournament legal?
  14. When I was looking at Death Spark, the wording threw me for a minute. "If Death Spark is in your graveyard with a creature card directly above it..." Something that I guess have never come up, is can you not change the order of cards in your graveyard? Do they have to stay in the same order as they go into it?
  15. Pile shuffling more than once is a not allowed. Link
  16. Have a question about the card [cards]Prison Term[/cards] If I cast it on an opponents creature, and next turn another opponent (assuming it's multi-player) plays a creature then who decides if Prison Term is attached to it? Is it me, because I originally cast it or is it the controller of the creature that I cast it on? I'm assuming it's my decision, because it was my card but there was some confusion over it today. Just asking for clarification:
  17. Question about Languish: How does Languish work with creatures that get +1/+1 for each creature you control? Let's say we have a 5 1/1's and a 1/1 creature enchanted with Might of Masses Your opponent plays Langish on their turn, and your 1/1/ creature is a 5/5 because of Might of Masses. Does Languish kill that 1/1 creature? Or does every other creature die except for the 1/1 that has Might of Masses attached? Or do they all die? Saw this question on Google+ and was wondering how this would work.
  18. Question about gain life effects, specifically Kavu Predator. How does this work in a multiplayer game when multiple players gain life due to an effect? I'm testing a deck that uses Kavu Predator, False Cure and cards like Skyshroud Cutter. In a multiplayer game with a total of 4 people, I play Skyshroud Cutter and the other 3 people gain 5 life. Does this mean that Kavu Predator gain 3 +1/+1 counters? Or does it only gain one +1/+1?
  19. Question about Clone and enter the battlefield effects. Lets say I have a Hunted Horror on the battlefield. I play Clone and it resolves. Does the come into play effect go off again? Or does it come in as a 7/7 Trample without the effect?
  20. OK so I read on Google+ about a combo using False Cure and Beacon of Immortality Is this a combo? Since Beacon of Immortality doubles a players life total, does that qualify as gaining life for False Cure?
  21. My question is about Celestial Convergence: It reads: "If there are no omen counters on Celestial Convergence, the player with the highest life total wins the game." When exactly does this check happen? If I remove the counters with a card like Vampire Hexmage, does the player with the highest life total automatically win the game? Usually cards that have these effects read "at the beginning of your upkeep, if there are no counters on..." but this one doesn't.
  22. Question about Apothecary Initiate and it's ability. This example could be used with other cards, but for the sake of argument we'll use this one. Let's say I have two copies of Apothecary Initiate on the battlefield. My turn begins and with those two creatures, I play another white spell. After that white spell, I have four untapped Plains. I tap those four untapped Plains to gain one life. Do I gain eight life, four for each Apothecary or do I gain four?
  23. My question is about Medomai the Ageless and extra turns. In combo #1 in the video below it explains how to get infinite turns with it but it doesn't make sense to me how it would work if Medowmai can't attack during extra turns. Is this combo legit?
  24. Something I heard recently on a podcast is about priority when casting a Planeswalker. When someone casts a Planeswalker, they have priority and can activate a loyalty ability before the opposing player can respond. Is this true?