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Found 9 results

  1. How many 13's can you spot in the art on Triskaidekaphobia?
  2. This is your first pack in a Shadows Over Innistrad Limited draft. What is your first pick?
  3. Any cards in SOI that you're keeping an eye on? Any format
  4. This weeks Friday Top Five: What are your top 5 EDH cards in SOI?
  5. So the Shadows Over Innistrad prereleases were this weekend, and I went to mine this evening. I didn't do to well in the competition, but I had quite a bit of luck with boosters: Avacyn, Nahiri, and Sigarda, all in one pool. So, I pretty obviously went Naya, and went 1-2 drop. Research: I did do something productive, though: I did some research into sealed archtypes and good cards. Archtypes: White/Blue control. Sometimes splashing black for creatures and removal, this archtype can deal with pretty much anything through cards like Just the Wind and win cons in large fliers and Invocation of Saint Traft. Red/Green aggro. All of the werewolves defines this, and is quite good with combat tricks and anti-control cards like Hermit of the Natterknolls and more aggro red cards like Kessig Forgemaster and Breakneck Rider. This is a very versatile deck, taking anywhere from 5-10 to kill. Green/White Humans. This is a great tribal deck, and I saw aggro to synergistic builds. Blue/Black Skulk. Not being able to block is terrible for any draft deck, and playing against the skulk decks is terrible for most decks. With their best cards being 1-3/X's, like Rancid Rats and Pale Rider of Trostad, this deck is straight-up U/B aggro. Mono Black or Black/Red Vampires. This seems great. Playing an essentially 3/2 Flying for 2, Heir Of Falkenrath, and with some support from the zombies, this deck is another great tribal/combo/aggro deck. Black Zombies. This is a really annoying deck to play, just because of one common: Sanitarium Skeleton. It comes back, it blocks pretty well, it comes back again. These are the main ones, if you saw anything else, post below! Failed Archetypes: I only saw one, and this has been a trend from OGW and SOI: Mono-white equipment. There just aren't enough equipment to make it good! Why wizards? We are also waiting for those other swords, you know. Now would be the perfect time! What was your prerelease like? What were your bombs?
  6. Just an FYI, Shadows Over Innistrad Boxes are on MassDrop for $89.99 (shipping in the U.S. is free)