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Found 1 result

  1. A little meme going around a couple of months back was the idea of a Personal Spellbook, molded after the Jace Spellbook that had a select group of foil spells that represented Jace. If WOTC made a personal spellbook for you, what 10 spells would be in that set? What spells do you cast often, and/or are you known for? For moi… Reveillark – Back from when I played Standard, and also now… Acidic Slime Mulldrifter – Same as Reveillark, but useful in so many decks Villainous Wealth - *CACKLE* Wrath of God – Spring cleaning! Pyxis of Pandemonium Demigod of Revenge – Back when I played standard… Immortal Servitude – One of many graveyard-based cards I love to use Shivan Dragon (Revised version) – My fave all-time MTG art Blasphemous Act