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Found 2 results

  1. Hello fellow Planeswalkers! I mentioned on my twitter page (@GenericBadMtg) that I intended on uploading my decklist from tonight. I personally feel that the deck is better than the 2-2 record I earned with it tonight, but entirely on my own poor decisions mid-game. But I'll let you be the judge, please offer criticism, it's the best way to learn! Creatures: 3x Mausoleum Wanderer 2x Rattlechains 2x Selfless spirit 4x Spell Queller 2x Archangel Avacyn Spells: 3x Negate 4x Anticipate 4x Disallow 3x Cast Out 4x Glimmer of Genius 2x Void Shatter 4x Invocation of Saint Traft Land: 6x Plains 9x Islands 4x Port Town 4x Irrigated Farmland Sideboard: 2x Fragmentize 2x Chaplain's Blessing 4x Gideon's Reproach 1x Baral, Chief of Compliance 2x Nebelgast Herald 2x Planar Outburst 2x Exquisite Archangel I've been editing this deck for the last few months and find that it's been very fun for my first foray into running control, but I'd love to hear feedback! Have a good Morning/Evening/Night Tosh
  2. Hello all! As @Lasraik has already mentioned we are going to have a color tournament in a couple of weeks. We put pieces of paper in a hat with the five colors, one every color and one colorless. I picked White. This is what I came up with, what do you all think? Crusader of Odric x2 Court Street Denizen x2 Phantom General x2 Unruly Mob x2 Apothecary Geist x1 Nearheath Chaplain x1 Beckon Apparition x4 Rootborn Defenses x3 Midnight Haunting x2 Puncturing Light x1 Congregate x1 Erase x1 Wake the Reflections x4 Lingering Souls x3 Not Forgotten x2 Hope Against Hope x2 Gift of Orzhova x2 Pacifism x2 Vessel of Ephemera x1 Honor of the Pure x1 Plains x20 I can't splash black for Flashback on Lingering Souls has to be all white. Thank you!