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Found 139 results

  1. This deck uses enchantments to deal with your opponent's threats in the early game AND turning our Thaurmaturge into whatever threat they were throwing at us! Then, if they live to see the late game, we bombard them with 8/8 KRAKENS!! After the deck tech, JJ runs us through a couple of games to show us how it works.
  2. Chuck takes us through this new take on #RDW, Goblin Adoption Agency! This is the similar to the aggro deck we all love, but you get to do it with your opponent's creatures! And then kill them! We also play a couple games to show how the deck flows, and then we give away a pack to one of last week's comments. #WeAreMTG
  3. JJ takes us on a tour of his newest budget standard deck, Fire Angels. This deck abuses a few great enchantments as pumps out 4/4 angels like nobody's business! Now, we've seen that before with the Divine Visitation and Dawn of hope, but this is a new take on that combo, where you get them each turn without paying for them! #WeAreMTG
  4. So Much packed into this video! First, we talk about the Pack to Power a Cure Auction that's now LIVE! Then, we talk about a man and his mission to open the perfect gaming store. Then we open up a special package from Exotic MTG and the contents are AMAZING! Lastly, we crack a few packs to put into our Patreon Build-A-Pack with a few great hits! #WeAreMTG
  5. Throne of Eldraine is right around the corner. Very little information has made it's way to the public yet. So what better way to discuss the set than to make what are probably the most accurate predictions about the #ELD, it's tribes, it's mechanics, and planeswalkers*. In fact, I'm so confident about these predictions, that I make a wager that I will not back down from towards the end of the video. *This statement is completely false and these predictions will probably force WotC to put us on some kind of list.
  6. Who doesn't love infinite combos? Well, that just what we have here, and in standard to boot! In this video, JJ goes over a spicy new Green/White standard deck that uses Incubation Druid to go into full headbanging mode by tapping and untapping for infinite mana. But what good is all that mana if you've got nowhere to dump it? He's got that covered too with a potential turn 3 win! #WeAreMTG
  7. If you've watched any of our deck techs before, you know that we LOVE shenanigans in our decks. Things that make your opponent speechless, even if for just a moment, as our jankness unfolds. This deck is no different. We once again abuse Ilharg, the Raze-Boar to do what that piggy does best ~ take cards that are mostly unplayable and turn them into powerhouses. #WeAreMTG
  8. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ goes over his newest standard deck tech Teferi's Finale, an Esper control deck that abuses #Teferi, Time Raveler and keeps our opponent in check until we can flood the battlefield with tokens that will swarm in for the win! Then, JJ show us the deck in action with some matches he played on #Arena!
  9. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open our personal box of War of the Spark, but we also crack some packs to go into our #Patreon Build-A-Pack box AND we crack a pack of WAR for a random comment from last week! Will this box boom or bust?
  10. Hey everyone! Bonus video time! In this video, JJ goes over Spinal Tap, a four color enchantment deck that holds your opponent at bay until mid game, then unleashes an unrelenting of indirect damage and their very own creatures!
  11. It was bound to happen. WotC can't create a card like #Sharktocrab and not expect us to do something amazing with it. And Amazing it is. JJ goes over SHARTOCRABNADO!, a Blue/Green control(ish) standard deck that have your opponents in awe as you rain down Sharktocrabs and tap down anything that could try to stand in the way of these mighty beasts.
  12. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ Explores the deck that can save us all. #FLASH! Savior of the Universe uses Raff Capashen to play incredibly powerful spells at all the times we're not supposed to play them! This deck also let's us cast things much sooner than we normally would by abusing a certain trigger. What is it? Only one way to find out!
  13. Hey everyone! In this concept deck tech video, JJ goes over "The Gate", a 5 color deck that uses all of the new-found love for gates to make absurdly powerful shenanigans. This rotion-proof deck uses some great cards from the new #RNA set. Will this deck topple the Pro Tour? Probably not. Will it be fun to play? You bet your gate it will!
  14. You can see the top 8 decks here: Of the 8 decks, 6 of them were basically mono-white aggro with red splashes, using the same core of small white aggressive creatures to close out games as quickly as possible. I think this is positive for the format. The deck is extremely fast, but there are a ton of viable answers in the format right now and I doubt it'll warp the format in any way. Unfortunately the best answers for R/W Aggro are in Red and White - such as Deafening Clarion, so that's a bit of a problem, but black has Ritual of Soot and green should be able to stabilize on the board with bigger creatures. I think it's fine, even if it looks disproportional with 6-out-of-8 decks making top 8 at the pro tour. It also just so happens to be pretty close to the deck I built in paper when the format first rotated, so I'm tooting my own horn over that. (My deck:
  15. The past several booster boxes that I have opened smell so bad...What the hell? The cards smell like they are being run through horrid smelling chemicals as a part of their "new" process. Is it a definitive way to tell a "real" card from a "proxy" or did they just do it, to kill us off slowly? Whatever the case might be, I still have a great time opening packs ( opening a box of Guilds now), but I could definitely do without that horrible smell. Any thoughts?
  16. Hello all... My granddaughter always tells me: "Share, share, that's fair"..So, here's my "Share" for the day. The first booster box that I ever bought: Revised Highest price ever paid for a single card: $4.50 for a signed Alpha "Living Wall" (Bought back in 1994) Started my wall collection First starter deck purchased: Ice Age (Less than $5.00 back in the day) Most money ever paid for a single pack: $12 for a Beta booster Best trade ever made: Beta 2 BOP ,1 Beta Savannah & 1 Beta Armageddon for a 1 Beta Black lotus , 1 Alpha Wall of Water & 1 Beta Wall of Stone Favorite Card: "Beta" Icy (Best picture out of all the remakes) % of my collection that is still Near Mint condition: 90%( Most of the Alpha, Beta, and Revised) As I collected more in the beginning and started playing more heavily between 3rd and Ice age Total cards still owned: A lot.. If I were to guess, I'd say around 25,000 ish? Here are just a couple pictures:
  17. Hey everyone! In this video, JJ goes over Enter the Wizard, a Blue and Red Standard budget brew that pumps out more wizards than you can shake a wand at! Want an infinite combo in standard? Then this is your deck!
  18. If you are a "Guest" and looking here just to see what was in here for you to see, then it's a welcome from a new member. If you are actually a member that isn't signed in, then let me know that you were here so that I can gauge "How many members browse the site without signing in". To all the "actual" Guests: tell me what it is that you are actually looking for in a "Mtg" site... You might actually join in order to post... To anyone, Guest or member: What is it, that you would actually like to see more of on this site? Deck suggestions (aside from the normal decks that everyone is playing), perhaps advise on how to play against specific decks? Maybe just more postings about Mtg related events and such? Whatever the case, I am curious to know. Thanks for stopping by
  19. Ok... I see that a few people on here do some trading, and that's good. I haven't traded in a while (in literally in about 10 years), typically I will just sell some cards on EBay, and then buy whatever I want.. I also have plenty of store credit at the local gaming store, although they usually don't have whatever it is that I need. I have decided that I want to expand my "Wall Collection", so I would like to know how it is that I go about trading here.... I only want walls from their original edition (meaning if it came out in alpha and then was reprinted in 4th, I only want the Alpha edition). Secondly, I want walls in their "foil" form, when foils began. Thirdly, If a wall only came out in foil by like DCI, FNM, or Deck masters, that is something that I would be interested in as long as I didn't already have it. Lastly, but most important I only want walls in Near Mint/ Mint condition. So, let me know what I need to do. Thanks
  20. standard

    Check this deck out! It's a jankified G/B Constrictor list by adding Panharmonicon to the mix. Constrictor looks to get extra value out of counter placement by adding extra counters, and Panharmonicon doubles the triggers, so we get even MORE counters.
  21. I wanted to know if anybody had some advice on building a awesome pirate deck based on the Angrath the Minotaur pirate deck. Any customization tips would be great.
  22. Hey everyone! In this deck tech, we go over Tish is Taking Turns, a Blue/White standard deck that is on the cheaper side of standard right now. This deck sits back and holds your opponents off until, out of nowhere, you are taking turn after turn and bashing in for the win.
  23. Hello everyone, it's me again...Just trying to keep it lite. Seriously though, I haven't played in a tourney in about 6-8 years although I still buy boxes once in a while. Last couple of booster boxes I bought were HoD. I am possibly looking to get back into playing as I basically just collect now a days. I have more interest in standard play, although I would more than likely make a deck for commander as well. I need to know what editions are currently tournament legal and what the majority of players are doing. I prefer to play either mono red (Burn), Red/Black(Burn & Land D), mono blue (counter) or Green/White(Life/quick creatures). I typically don't play what anyone else is playing i.e.I once made a Wall Deck with rolling stones and played it in a tourney. I will probably buy 2 or 3 booster boxes, so I need to know what editions are my best bet for pulling what I need and for trading as well. Any help that you can give me, Id appreciate. Thank you in advance.
  24. Hey everyone! I’ve been playing magic for about three years and I am all about playing around the “jank cards” thaat magic has to offer. I am starting up a YouTube channel that is based around chest that I wanna find interesting and under play cards that can make an impact in standard. My goal isn’t to win but to have fun while winning or losing. Just to give you an example right now I am playing a red white deck with Latliss and anointed procession to see how many dragons we can swarm on the table. It looks something like this: I would love for y’all to come by and check out the channel but also leave me some comments about some decks or strategies that you would want to see played. Look forward to hearing from you all! You can find me by searching for JBuzzCuzz on YouTube. Thanks!
  25. You heard right folks! Check out this spice! Deck Tech and Deck List coming soon