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Found 7 results

  1. My dice collection was outgrowing the bag I've been using for a while, and I started getting bothered by dumping the bag out on the table when we would play Magic. I can get weird about being unorganized and having messes everywhere. I started looking for a box I could store my dice in. Didn't want anything too big, so that excluded most toolbox type containers. Something big enough to store the amount of dice I have and room for more but not heavy or too big. Found this plastic storage case on Amazon and it's working out really well. Enough room to organize the different types, tall enough to have a couple of layers but not too big that it's cumbersome. Would recommend for anyone who is looking for a box to store dice or counters in. Ended up storing exert and -1/-1 cut out counters in one compartment. Easy to find which type you're looking for without digging through a pile and much more organized. Organization makes me happy. How do you (if at all) store your dice and accessories?
  2. cube

    How do you store your cube? Any suggestions on boxes?
  3. I used to use Fat Pack boxes but I ended up carrying a few around all the time. So instead I started using some card storage boxes. One has the playable decks and another stores the ones that are under construction are that aren't quite right. When these card boxes fall apart I'm going to start using the Shoe Box style instead, since they are deeper and have more room for dice and other accessories and other deck boxes like the Tower can fit in them. Plan on getting away from the flimsy boxes and instead going with Towers, Boulders or Dual boxes. I'm a fan of the Ultra Pro duel deck boxes, cause they are easy to carry to the LGS.
  4. I started separating all of my foil cards and putting them in a binder. But then I wondered why. Most of them won't be worth much but if I store them in a box after some time they will start to bend and potentially get scratched. Occasionally a foil will jump in price, but it's not all that common. So I'm wondering if I should either buylist my foils or put them in a box. How do you store foils?
  5. Anyone try a Card Box Hotel? Thinking of picking one up to help with organization
  6. Today on YouTube there was a video reviewing a $500 box that is humidified to keep your cards safe and in the right humidity. This will prevent cards from getting damaged or foils from curling (or so says the video and etsy page). The video and website claim that this is a specific type of wood that will keep your cards safe. You can't just use any wood, no no. Obviously, I'm not convinced, this is a ploy trying to take advantage of the community. You can buy a cigar humidor for less than $50 with a gauge built into it and would do the same thing this $500 box would. Not only that, being a cigar smoker occasionally I can tell you keeping humidity in the right range can be a pain in the ass. You have to really keep an eye on it or you could end up with cigar beetles or mold. I've never had the pleasure of beetles but I have battled mold. and lost a humidor full of cigars due to it because it gets everywhere and it's hard to get rid of. Imagine getting mold on all of the cards in this box because you missed the warning signs on the humidity in the box? Keeping the humidity in a certain range helps, no doubt. But is it necessary? And even if it was necessary or you felt like it was a good idea, why pay $500 for a wooden box when you can get a cigar humidor for $30? Isn't keeping foils in a binder or in sleeves a dependable approach to keeping them from bending? In the video it's even mentioned that "wood matters" and you can't necessarily go out and buy a cigar humidor to do the same damn thing, because some woods excrete resin and sap. No decent cigar humidor will be made by any kind of wood that would ruin a bunch of expensive cigars. I laughed out loud watching the YouTube video praising this product and giving it an A+ rating. Don't know if it was a sponsored "review" but it felt disingenuous. Don't get me wrong, these boxes are awesome looking. I may even drop $50 on a wooden deck box someday because they are so cool. But $500? Come on. My 2 cents, what's yours? The (sponsored?) video can be found here and the Etsy site that sells these boxes can be found here.
  7. There are a ton of choices for deck boxes. From really simple to hand crafted wooden boxes. What kind do you use? I usually use the simple Ultra Pro Deck Boxes but I've tried the Ultra Pro Flip Boxes and the Deck Vaults. The boxes are cheap and do the job, they fit a 60 card deck and side board comfortably. Sometimes it's a pain in the ass to get the cards out with sleeved cards and I imagine if they were double sleeved it would be harder. The Flip boxes are nice, they have more room and a little nicer. I don't really travel with my cards so I haven't tested how sturdy the magnet that holds the cover on is but I've put several years on a box and it's still hanging in there. Surprisingly the Vaults are probably my favorite. The top cover stays on unless you really shake it and the top cover holds dice or counters. The Saw Deck boxes are beautiful but I'm not sure I want to drop $50 on a box to hold my cards.