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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! In this video, MTG Strategist takes us on a tour of MTG Arena's newest format "Explore". He goes over some of the mechanics, builds a deck, then takes it for a test drive!
  2. Greetings, I decided so start this thread such that it would serve as a go-to for the going-on and updates that relate to the channel, from behind the scenes. As some of you know, in my day to day life I am a physician. Tomorrow (FRIDAY, OCT 13TH 2017), I will be traveling upstate and presenting my specialty Board Exam. Studying for this extremely difficult and comprehensive 8-hour exam has been one reason for the recent general paucity of content. Once I'm back, I will be doing the following: 1) Directly and definitively finalizing out sponsorship deals and getting some awesome shirts for the local "students" and "faculty" of the Mirrodin Institute of Technology 2) Increase the quality and quantity of Legacy-specific content - better equipment for our regular streams, new deck techs, and possibly new venues. 3) Begin creating Vintage content. Access to high-quality proxies will allow us to play paper Vintage (never misrepresenting card authenticity of course) on camera, and at local casual/unsanctioned events. We want to play with power, and share it. As someone who played that format back when it was just called "Magic," and when you could make a deck without the Power 9 and do alright, I can't wait. See you guys after this exam, and after the weekend of recovery that will follow. - The "Dean" of the Mirrodin Institute of Technology
  3. Greetings, Most of you who follow our channel are familiar with our twice-monthly (on average) Legacy tournament streams. As a channel focused on non-rotating formats, Legacy is our bread and butter, and remains nearest and dearest to our hearts. However, we do weekly Modern tournament streams as well! Join us Saturdays, ~7:30-8pm ET, LIVE from PLAYLive Nation in Miami, FL for Modern Saturdays! We typically get 12-16 participants, and many of us have multiple Tier 1 decks. Thus, no two tournaments have identical matchups (though our names may become familiar in time ) Hope to see you in the chat at the next event! Live on
  4. Been hearing a lot about MTG streamers on Twitch. Do any of you watch and if so which channels would you recommend? MTG related or otherwise