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Found 2 results

  1. I've always loved strange, hilarious decks that shotgun people out of nowhere. This is one such deck. Technically, this is a modern legal deck, but since I don't do modern as a competitive thing, I'm throwing it in the casual realms. First, the list: And let's break this down: Early Game: Your job is to flood the board with as many creatures as possible. Use spells like Lingering Souls, as well as Spectral Procession in tandem with Young Pyromancer to get actual mountains of tokens on the field. The signets are there for an early game boost to mana, or to give you the colors to assist in casting these spells as quickly as humanly possible. Snipe out the opponent's enablers with Lightning Bolt or Helix, which will yield tokens off the Pyromancer as well. The tokens are there to fuel later-game spells, so don't throw them away unless you really have to. Mid Game: As soon as possible, play one of these bad boys: Their job should be pretty obvious: they make for wicked blockers/beatsticks that at the same time deal damage straight to the opponent's face, or it can take down much larger creatures through their triggered abilities. Reckoner is a special case, as it can turn on first strike if you don't want to deal with that deathtoucher. Stuffy Doll literally doesn't care, and should be thrown in front of any and all creatures that don't have wither, infect, or trample for maximum hilarity. The End: You should have started with one of these in your opening hand, probably a mixture of any 2 in case of pesky Duress/Inquisitions/other discard: : Now, you really should see where this is going at this point. The tokens, while also chipping away at the opponent's life total, is fuel for your Blasphemous Act. Into the Maw of Hell is great for those times you just want to nuke as well as color screw your opponent in case they survive the hit. Shivan Meteor is just there as another 13 damage nuke that you can hang over the table by suspending it. With any two of Stuffy Doll/Reckoner/Spitemare on the field, Blasphemous Act deals 26 damage straight to the face, which should take out basically everybody. On the Mana Base: My mana base is simple. Shock lands (and the fetches to find them), basic lands for not-enters-tapped mana as well for in case of PtE. Aformentioned signets to get spells out quicker and to assist in case of color screw, which can happen. You could include 2x Boseiju if counterspells are a problem in your area and you need to get that Blasphemous Act through. That's pretty much it for this. Come up with an all-comer's sideboard, or just discuss. Was a little bored, and felt like making some not-video content.
  2. As most of you know, I play a lot of multiplayer games. I've been wanting to make a Stuffy Doll deck for a while now, and these are the cards I've thought about using. Ideas or suggestions are welcome! So the idea is to cast Stuffy Doll, enchant with Pariah and grind them out with Manabarbs and land destruction in Land's Edge. Thinking I'll need something else to protect Stuffy Doll and make him fly if possible, and some removal for big threats as the game goes on.