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Found 12 results

  1. We crack open a bunch of packs to wrap up December for our Patrons with some great hits! Then, we crack a pack for a lucky comment from last week!
  2. We crack open a #Prerelease Kit from #OGW and a few packs of Throne of Eldraine, with everything going into the #Patreon Build-A-Pack box. Can we luck out and pull an Expedition for our patrons? Then, we do our weekly giveaway to a random comment from last week. #WeAreMTG
  3. We start this video off with a PSA about a scam that's been running on eBay. Then, we crack some Throne of Eldraine packs for our Patrons, followed by a giveaway AND we crack some packs to put into our Patreon Build-A-Pack box! #WeAreMTG
  4. We're a day late, but it's worth the wait! We crack some Throne of Eldraine packs for our patrons and the epic pulls keep coming! Foil mythics, anyone? Then, after we finish opening craziness for our Patrons, we give away a pack to a random pack to a random comment from last week. #WeAreMTG
  5. When Throne of Eldraine was first announced, we did a predictions video where I stated that, if the predictions were at least 70% correct, I would eat a pack of Magic the Gathering cards. Well, we were a LOT more accurate than I thought we would be, but I still don't think we hit 70% while JJ insists we did. Naturally, we took it to trial. Do you agree with the verdict? #WeAreMTG
  6. We start off November by cracking a bunch of Throne of Eldraine packs for some of our #Patrons. Now, #ELD has been very kind to our Patrons so far. Can we keep up the amazing pulls?? We also give away a few packs to some random comments from recent videos. #WeAreMTG
  7. We wrap up our #Patron pack-cracking for the month of October! This month has been GREAT to the Patrons with awesome hits out of the packs and the Build-a-Pack box, and this video is no different! This may be our best month yet... #WeAreMTG
  8. We continue to crack packs of #ELD for our #Patrons and we open some ridiculousness in this one. And the Build-A-Pack box isn't being stingy either! Then, We do a Patron-only giveaway, followed by a pack of ELD opened for a random comment from last week. #WeAreMTG
  9. In this video, Chuck goes over a great mono black standard deck called Black Deck Wins and it's putting up some impressive numbers against a bunch of the current meta decks! And whats even better? It's CHEAP at only $56 or 7 tix on MTGO! After the Deck Tech, we play a quick game just to show you have the deck flows. Then, we give away a pack to a random comment from last few weeks, and follow it up by cracking some #ELD packs for our #Patreon Build-A-Pack box! So much crammed into one video! #WeAreMTG
  10. We crack some packs of #ELD for some of our patrons and get some GREAT hits! Foil alternate art, anyone? And our Build-a-Pack box has some good pulls as well! Plus, we crack a pack of Throne of Eldraine for a random comment from last week.
  11. In this video, we wrap up our Pack to Power a Cure project, we crack some #M20 packs for patrons, and then we give away a pack to a random comment from last week. Lots of good stuff! #WeAreMTG
  12. Throne of Eldraine is right around the corner. Very little information has made it's way to the public yet. So what better way to discuss the set than to make what are probably the most accurate predictions about the #ELD, it's tribes, it's mechanics, and planeswalkers*. In fact, I'm so confident about these predictions, that I make a wager that I will not back down from towards the end of the video. *This statement is completely false and these predictions will probably force WotC to put us on some kind of list.