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Found 22 results

  1. Hey everyone! We're bringing you our normal Thursday video a day early! This is our official Ravnica Allegiance #Prerelease Primer! In this video, we go over our top 5 common or uncommon cards from each color in the new #RNA set to be played during the prerelease weekend and other sealed events.
  2. Hey everyone! Sorry about the delay! In this video, we take a look at the upcoming Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease! We start off with a rundown of what to expect when you show up at the event. Then we go over our top 5 picks of commons and uncommons to be played at the prerelease from each color.
  3. This weeks top 5 is inspired by a video from @MTG Forge that can be found here What are your top 5 etiquette tips for new players?
  4. This weeks top 5: What are the top 5 cards you never want to play against again?
  5. This weeks top 5: Cube worthy cards from Aether Revolt My 5: 5.) Yahenni's Expertise - sweeper 4.) Disallow - because playing Blue counter magic is fun... right? 3.) Walking Ballista - flexible artifact creature 2.) Fatal Push - 1 cc removal 1.) Baral, Chief of Compliance - good vs. aggro and while it's ability is specific I think it opens up other options in the cube
  6. This weeks top 5: Top Five Undervalued Cards (any format)
  7. This weeks top 5: Top 5 Standard cards from Aether Revolt
  8. If Wizards set a precedent with the bans last week, which cards are likely to be banned next? (any format) My five likely to be banned next: 1.) Felidar Guardian 2.) Saheeli Rai 3.) Aetherworks Marvel 4.) Ishkanah Graftwidow 5.) Mechanized Production
  9. I know what you're saying "What happened to Friday Top 5?" Well, with my work schedule it wasn't working out so well. Often I'd get home and fall asleep, then wake up and have to go right back to work. So I've decided to move it to Sundays instead and start off the week with a Top 5 List. A few days ago I saw this tweet Not sure it would make my list as one of the laziest, but what's your Top 5 laziest wincons?
  10. Reason to play or not to play Frontier. Your choice. I'm going with reasons to play Frontier: 5.) Participate in the format from it's start, help develop and potentially have input on how it develops. More importantly, help get the new Frontier forum over on that shitty Kitchen Table MTG site going. 4.) New formats can breed creativity, new decks and brews that may not be competitive in Modern or Standard may be playable in Frontier. 3.) Something new to try, can help with burnout on other formats and keep things fresh with your playgroup or at local stores 2.) It's cheaper than Modern or Legacy. 1.) Those cards you put away and dismissed as bulk that were playable in Standard? You can play with them again! If you've been collecting a few years chances are you already have a head start on a competitive deck. If not, then prices for those cards you have that rotated out of Standard and aren't Modern playable may rise in price, giving you the option to sell them and buy into Frontier. /devils advocate off
  11. This weeks top five: MTG Gift Ideas for this holiday season
  12. This weeks Top Five: Tempo Cards Format of your choice
  13. This weeks Top 5: Rotation Proof Cards in Standard
  14. This weeks Top 5: Creatures that cost one (any format) Go!
  15. This weeks topic: Top FIve MTG Related YouTube Channels
  16. This weeks Top 5 is: Planeswalkers You Love and Hate A big thank you to @Aurian for this weeks topic!
  17. The topic this week is: Top 5 reprints in Eternal Masters. Could be the top 5 for the health of the game, top five that will help Legacy or just the top 5 you're looking forward to getting your hands on to play with.
  18. This weeks Top Five topic is: Unhinged and Unglued Cards. A big thanks and shout out to @Jeremy for this weeks topic!
  19. This weeks Top 5 is: Awesome Card Art Shout out and a thank you to @Aurian for the great topic this week!
  20. The Top 5 for this Friday is: In any format, which 5 cards should be un-banned and why?
  21. Thought this would be a fun subject every Friday. If someone is interested in sharing their Top 5 Friday idea in a thread, please let me know! This weeks Top 5 is your top 5 Tribes in MTG. What are your Top 5?
  22. Since we're returning to Innistrad next set, figured it would be fitting: What are your top 5 cards from Innistrad? Not necessarily the best cards, but your favorite cards for whatever reason.