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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone! We are fortunate enough to be included in the Content Creators Community Cup MTG Arena Tournament, and this is the 3rd match of the first round. My opponent was The Freshmaker and we had a blast! Rules for the first round were that our team had to build in Grixis colors and no lands above common rarity were allowed.
  2. Hey guys, So, Enrique (@magonista66) posted an interesting question on twitter last night that I've been thinking about quite a bit, as of late. The actual tweet is: "Keep seeing comments about playing Magic as either fun or about winning. I think it's contextual. & when is it both? Would love ur thoughts." I think this is an awesome topic and I, too, am interested in everyone's thoughts. One of the reasons I'm personally interested is because I find an interesting paradox in my own play philosophy. I'll try to break it down coherently so as to facilitate discussion. First and foremost, Magic is a game. While games are designed to be a number of things; fun, engaging, thought provoking, evocative, adaptive - most of them (and MtG is not an exception) begin and end with the idea that there is competition, a winner and a loser. Now, why any individual chooses to get involved with any aspect of MtG is completely independent of the requirement to play. But, if you are playing, you are subject to the idea of a binary (with the exception of draws) end state. Win/lose. 0/1. Personally, I think it's important to start a conversation about 'winning' and it's merits by determining what kind of player you are. If you just like to play because it kills time, if you're an art lover that collects, if you're an investor, or a person that doesn't really need/want to return 'value' to your time/purchases - this discussion isn't really for you, right? However, if you are the kind of person that has the primary concern of gameplay, point number one is - you need to reconcile in your mind that it is OK to value winning. Pause button - Winning is important, that's the punchline. However, this assumes a certain degree of decorum, sportsmanship, and propriety with regard to the game environment. You don't have to be a part of whatever social issues, political discussions, or 'movements' that are taking place around your environment or competitor. But, you need to be respectful of them as a human. I tell my employees all the time, 'if you're having a bad day or being confronted with someone who's hostile, rude, or confrontational - retreat to professionalism, not to their level.' The same applies in MtG. Ok, back to 'play.' There will be people that say, 'oh winning isn't important,' or 'it's most important to have fun.' That's fine, but it does not take into consideration that winning (if you're a competitive player) is just flat-out more fun than losing. Ask yourself when you sleeve up a new deck you're excited to play and go to FNM and have a garbage fire of a night, let's say 0-4, did you have fun? Maybe. But, if we're being honest and you enjoy competitive play, would you have had more fun going 3-1 or 4-0? Probably, right? You should never feel bad about that truth. It's the nature of competition. It's why there is a GP, PPTQ, and PT circuit. Without winning there should be no aspiration to get there. Second thing; I would argue that fun is subjective and dependent on a wide variety of factors unique to the individual - experience level, for example. If you take someone fresh off the street and plop them down in their very first FNM - wait, actually, let's assume you gave them some training first. Let's assume you're a decent teacher and managed to get them excited about playing MtG. Now, first FNM. They bomb. 1-3. Maybe 0-4. Did they have fun? Maybe. Maybe not. I offer that winning is far less subjective. It is, or it isn't. There's no, 'I kinda won.' I think this point is valuable to those players who are trying to search for more out of their MtG experience than, 'I just want to go have fun.' That brings me to point number three - how long can it be 'fun' absent winning (but not considering losing)? I've been playing MtG (off and on, like most) for a really long time. And, if I really get down to brass tacks, there are a few things that, ones cards start getting shuffled, help with interest. One, obviously, is a winning record. Getting to 0.500 or above is nice. It keeps me (personally) chugging along and motivated to keep playing. But, there's also the idea of playing other formats, playing in different venues, and having peripheral involvement with MtG (deckbuilding, collecting, etc.). I can say this from experience; the primary reason to get into or stay into magic of any variety is to play the game. I think if you looked at the volume of folks who actively engage with the MtG universe (I'm not talking about people who have a box of cards in the attic and haven't seen them in 10 years) most people play. And, again, at core of it - it's a game. Games are meant to be played. Played games are meant to be won. I think there is a huge space out there for people who cosplay, collect, whatever. But, I think the bulk of the 'fun' available is in the play space - because it's so much MORE available. So, I know that was long winded, but competition means a lot to me. Also, let me say this; I'm not a very good player. That's the paradox I alluded to earlier. I love to play and I love to win, but I don't actually accomplish winning all that much. I insist on my own decks, I don't spend much money, etc. So, it's hard to actually scrape together wins (in constructed). But, to me I view the game like a sport - winning is important for all the same reasons winning in Football, or Soccer, or Rugby, or Formula 1 are. I think losing is equally important. It would be a drastic shame (to me) for the idea that 'it's ok to lose' would become acceptable, unless it was known from the outset that you actively don't care about winning or getting better. Because, ultimately (to me) that's the punchline - if you want to get better at this game, you need to win. Open for discussion? M.
  3. Round 1 of The Content Creators Cup! Enjoy!