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Found 5 results

  1. Damn, cruddy news for a beloved Canadian icon. Stage 4, with a very low survival rate
  2. If any of you remember Triumph the Insult Comic dog, (hell, even if you don't) check out the new Election Special on Hulu. Watched the second part last night and it was hilarious.
  3. It seemed like a good idea at first. Releasing a whole season of a television show at once so the watcher can watch at their convenience and as fast or slow as they please. But since then people have started binge watching 13+ hours of TV a day just to watch the whole season in one day and think it's a good idea to post spoilers. When I want to avoid spoilers for most shows I'll have an internet blackout. Because I know people will be talking about it and it gives me a day or two to catch up. Now that the whole season is released there is almost no escaping spoilers. Remember when you binge watch 'Orange is the New Black' this weekend that not everyone has had a chance to watch it all in one day. If you can sit in one place for 13 hours watching a TV show, good for you. But remember that you are the minority and try to avoid spoiling the fun for the rest of us. Or use the spoiler tag.
  4. The first trailer for season 2 of Daredevil is out, and I hate to admit it looks pretty good. Admittedly the Punisher is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe, especially the MAX comics that were done by Garth Eniss. For those who don't know, the MAX line was basically the HBO adult version of the books. Either way, the first season of Daredevil started out OK but about halfway through I started losing interest. It eventually fell into the Marvel universe formula of quick one liners.
  5. Possible Spoilers Heard a lot about how great Making a Murderer is so the wife and I started watching it. Gotta say, I wasn't impressed with it. Calling it a documentary is a stretch, because they left a lot of evidence and information about the case and about the people involved conveniently out. But just the way it was structured and the way it jumped back and fourth in time over and over again became annoying. From the very beginning it was obvious Steven Avery was a scumbag. Even before he was wrongfully convicted, he didn't seem like a model citizen. That's not to say he deserved to be convinced of a crime he didn't commit and serve 18 years. Instead of side stepping his character and making excuses, they should have embraced it and reminded everyone it doesn't matter if he's a scumbag - he didn't commit the rape and he shouldn't be in jail for something he didn't do. The phone call recordings of Steven Avery repeatedly saying "They got nothin'. They got the wrong guy!" with weeds and shrubs blowing in the background started putting me to sleep halfway through the series. After about episode 5 or 6 it became a chore to watch. So yes, I think he killed Teresa Halbach and I think the cops in the county had a bone to pick and planted evidence. Both can be true. I don't think Branden Dassey (the nephew) helped him, and I think he should be given another trial. It was a 10 episode series that should have been 5 episodes. It would have told the same story and been more compelling.