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Found 4 results

  1. FYI for those who aren't already aware: Article - Twitter gives neo-Nazis, racists Dec. 18 deadline—and could then kick them out entirely My days on Twitter are numbered because of this policy change. Call me crazy but I'm not a fan of Twitter monitoring my behavior on and off the platform. Maybe we can find another social media platform for #FridayMTG. I'll PM the owner of the MTG community on Google+ to see if we can post there
  2. I've never been a big fan of Twitter. It's mostly random useless thoughts by people who think everyone cares about how their day is going or what they are thinking at any given moment. Started using Twitter when I started this site, using it to help spread the word and after I gained some followers and friends, I started focusing on spreading the word for their content. Now when I check Twitter 95% of what I see is negativity. It's either people complaining about politics, or people complaining about other MTG personalities. It almost makes me uncomfortable cause it's so toxic. If I didn't play MTG or had no idea about the game or it's personalities I would think all people who play are insane. Is it just me, or is the MTG 'community' on Twitter mostly awful?
  3. Hi I'm zmagic94. I've been playing magic for around 8 years now. Started playing very casually online in high school. When I got to college I stated to get more competitive and its never stopped. I recently just started traveling to large events this March. I am actually on my way to GP Charlotte as I write this. I recently just started a Twitter account where I update everything that goes on in my life magic related. Just last week I started streaming late nights on twitch. I focus mostly on modern, but also plan on streaming pauper,commander, sealed, and draft. If you want to check me out on twitch or Twitter the name is zmagic94. Nice to meet everyone!
  4. Lots of people use Twitter. Most of it is mindless ramblings and unreadable bullshit. I use it to post stuff for the forum and get the word out. I hate it. I feel dirty using it. Something I don't understand is why Content Creators use Twitter as their primary means to communicate to their listeners/viewers or patreons. It's such a terrible way to communicate and have a conversation. The limited characters and just overall feel of the site is just a horrible choice. Instead of using Twitter they could use another social media service (all of which I dislike as well, just not as much as Twitter), I don't get why any of them use Twitter. /rant off