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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open a bunch of #RNA packs for patrons and, per usual, one lucky patron knocked it out of the park with INSANE pulls! Plus we crack a pack to put into the #Patreon Build-A-Pack box and score another great hit!
  2. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open more of our #UMA packs and the #BoxTopper that came with them. How good were our #UltimateMasters pulls? Only one way to find out!
  3. Hey everyone! In this little bonus video, we crack open some Ultimate Masters packs and all of the cards go into our #Patreon Build-A-Pack Box! Will #UMA add some spice to our already spicey Build-A-Pack Box? #MTG
  4. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open a box of #UMA for one of our #Patrons, Marcus Mills, a.k.a. Exotic MTG. All of his previous openings have been absolute fire! Will Ultimate Masters help us keep up the trend? Then, we build him a pack out of our Build-a-Pack box!