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Found 4 results

  1. Anybody else going to draft/buy a bit of the new un-set, Unstable? I plan to draft it once, and I do see a few cool cards I could see sliding into casual decks. The contraptions are weird, and I still don't have my head wrapped around them.. This + Tokens = card draw machine gun? Attack with this and get...Blightsteel Colossus? It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! Holy crap! This is bloody powerful Hmm, which broken card shall I fetch? What pack would be best to bring?
  2. According to Mark Rosewater, it looks like we're getting another printing of Unstable Even though I'm not the biggest fan, I'm happy this set is doing so well.
  3. cube

    So I have decided to build my first cube. I would like it to contain ONLY UN cards. So, my question is, would it be best to just have all of the uncards? Or a selection from the sets? And contraptions are only in the new set, so should I put in extra copies of some of them so everyone can have the fun of cranking contraptions? Halp!
  4. Unstable is right around the corner. What is everyone's plans for this set? Are you just going to draft it? Buy boxes and leave them sealed? Not touch the set with a ten foot pole? Personally, I will be drafting as much as I can, opening a box for the channel, keeping a box or two to draft with in the future, and hopefully doing a draft on the channel if I can get all of the pieces to fall into place.