[Deck Tech] Blue-Black Control in Aether Revolt Standard

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Check out the deck that I brought to gameday! 

In this deck, you want to be countering your opponent's spells and killing their creatures, all while stalling out the game and finishing it off with one or two Torrential Gearkulks!

If you want to see the decklist, you can click here:

If you want to check out the video you can click here: 


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1 hour ago, Breakfast with Nerds said:

Really cool deck!  What about running Failed Inspection instead of Negate?  It costs more, but it lets you hit creatures, and loot as a bonus.

The reason why I I chose Negate was we have 8 draw spells. And with the 3 T-Gearhulk, it brings us up to 11 Draw spells. In testing negate outperformed Failed Inspection almost all the time. Also, in this deck you don't want to be discarding cards (even if they are land) If we miss a land drop in the early-mid game, it can be hard to catch up with the opponent.  

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