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Zuby's Family Tribal Cube

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So my buddy and his son and I played the cube yesterday. First time playing it with people who know how to play MTG without having to teach them drafting and all that. We did a 3 person sealed and had a ton of fun.

His son built a R/B aggro/burn deck

My buddy built a Naya ramp deck.

I built a Grixis Zombish, recursion control deck.

We played 2 games. Game 1 was over pretty quickly because my buddy got out Transcendent Master pretty quickly and I had none of my removal spells and neither did his son. He got it leveled up quickly and took us out. (We played a FFA game).

Game 2 was long. Like it almost took an hour long. It was so back and forth. Some of my favorite tricks I did were:

Played recover, got Indulgent Tormentor back, then played Goblin Dark Dwellers to play Recover again and got another creature back.

My buddy had Transcendent Master out again and leveled it up to 9 pretty quickly but also had Thalia out. He goes to attack and I cast Select for Inspection targeting Thalia, cast Torrential Gearhulk casting Select for Inspection again targeting the Master.

I barely won Game 2 and after that we were pretty wiped.

After yesterday here are the changes I've made

Removed the following cards:

Wind DrakePhantom MonsterDissipateUrza's MineUrza's Power PlantUrza's TowerTriskaidekaphobiaGold-Forged Sentinel


Added in:

Aerial GuideAven ReedstalkerSupreme WillEvolving WildsTerramorphic ExpanseDarksteel CitadelContaminated BondSteel Hellkite

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So after playing, White still feels very powerful. Blue surprised me the most yesterday, it turned out to help me greatly yesterday. 

The graveyard recursion was better than expected and excited to expand upon it. I am definitely going to keep it at 540 and not make it any bigger.

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Alright. So I finally ordered the last of my cube cards after months and months of slacking. Here is what I took out:




And I put in:



THis was all mainly due to budget and I've been too cheap to buy the last set of cards and the price hike on RUned Halo just helped me budget out the last 6 cards.



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