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Budget-ish Frontier Elves list

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We brewed up a Frontier list on our podcast this week, trying to take advantage of Oath of Ajani to maximum effect. Rishkar and token creating Planeswalkers seemed like a logical direction to go and before we knew it, we were basically an elves deck.

This is a first-draft, we'll be testing it this week. We think its definitely weak against fliers (read: Heart of Kiran) but hopefully it's low enough to go tow-to-tow with the other aggroish decks.

Need help with sideboard suggestions as we didn't get to that on the 'cast. Should we add in spot protection like Heroic Defense and Blossoming Defense? Or more in the "get more midrange" direction with larger creatures? What would you run? Also feedback on the list itself is greatly appreciated.

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That is a nice drop!  Here's hoping it goes down a few more bucks so I can pull the trigger.  My LGS has Frontier nights and I'd like to show up sometime with something fun to play like this

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