Channel Update Number 2

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So I feel I need to apologize for the lack of content, and lack of posting. Life has been weird for the past 6-8 weeks. Between all of us in the household getting sick (damn flu) then immediately getting a massive sty in my eye life has been a pain. I am working on a new non-mtg project right now, but hopefully next week I will be producing content again for both Youtube & Vidme, I just need to get this project settled and started so I can  get back into a rhythm again. 

Content plans (weekly)
MTG Opening X 1
Pokemon Opening X 1
Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay Video X 1
MTGO Gameplay Video X 1 (This is a maybe)

Content Plans (monthly)
Patreon Opening X 1
TCG Giveaway X 1 [Opening 3-5 packs of either Pokemon or MTG and sending the rares/hits to a randomly selected person] (Details are still being worked out)

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