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Tool: Printable index labels for MTG editions

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I've written a little web based helper tool to make printable labels for my card organization (with up to date (!!!) set informations) and I wanted to share it with you! :)
There are many parameters to customize these things to make either simple small strip-labels for sticking them on divider cards or make beautiful card-size covers to put it into some card sleeves or whatever!

Here is an example:


Or you can print some stripes and put them onto some index cards like I did:


So here's the link:

Hope you find it useful and have fun with it! :)


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53 minutes ago, JoeyCans said:

These look great but the site seems to be down.

Anyone know of any other resources for this?

It's down for me, too.  I should have copied the files to our Downloads section here.  I'll try to dig up the files

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Hey guys!

Site is back up! :)
(Example link:

Sorry for the downtime!
My server provider changed from IPv4 to IPv6 so my server wasn't reachable the last 2 weeks ...

After checking reactivating the script I noticed some bugs / possible improvements that I will do in the next few days:

  • (SOLVED) Set sortation isn't by date at the moment - But filter by date does still work
  • (SOLVED) And spoiled sets (for example Dominaria) is not listed

As I said I will change this the next days so we all can print us labels also for Dominaria ;)



Feature requests or any ideas in general are always welcome :)

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