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We have an incredible opportunity here in our hometown to host one of the biggest radio shows in our state, and you can help us!


Kentucky Sports Radio (KSR) is a local daily sports talk radio show produced in the city of Louisville, KY where we live. It is by far the most listened to radio show in the state of Kentucky. The host of the show, Matt Jones, is going on a month-long vacation this summer and is looking for guest hosts to host his show while he is gone. Some of the guest hosts are big names: John Calipari, Jay Bilas, Pardon My Take Podcast, The Sklar Brothers. He has also expressed interest in finding local media personalities, not necessarily sports related, that maybe haven't gotten a chance to have their work seen by a large audience yet to fill in as hosts for the show.

This could be a huge opportunity for us in a couple ways. First, as a huge fan of the show it would be a dream come true for me (Randy) to be on it. We are both huge Kentucky Wildcats fans and getting a chance to meet some of the people involved with the sports teams that we love would be an awesome experience! Second, hosting the show would get our names heard in tens of thousands of cars and living rooms all over the world. Just getting our content on a stage like that could be huge for our channel, and for the community as well. We would love to get a chance to show that the MTG community is not made up exclusively of pock-marked, smelly teens living in their mothers' basements. Any publicity for any one of us does good for the community as a whole (especially on #Fridays). 


How can you support us?

The biggest obstacle we face is just being an unknown entity. The best thing that anyone could do for us is to just contact Matt Jones at KSR and let him know that you think we would make good hosts for his show. I think the best way to do that would be to Tweet him @KYSportsRadio. If you do so, please mention us as well @Breakfast_Nerds. Let him know where you are from, what you like about Breakfast with Nerds and why you would like to hear us host a sports talk radio show. It also wouldn't hurt to add a link to one of our videos that you find particularly entertaining.

Even if we are not selected to actually host the show, it would be awesome if he mentions on the air that he got harassed by a bunch of people wanting nerds to take over his show for a day.

This community is awesome and we are constantly amazed at how encouraging everyone is of each other. Thank you in advance for your support!

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26 minutes ago, MTGZuby said:

Any update on this?

Here's the latest...

The guest hosted show will be live on Friday, July 7th from 10 AM to noon eastern time. They have said on the radio show that they got about 40 submissions from people wanting to guest host the show. The producers are listening to them all this week and they should cut them to 8 finalists today or tomorrow. They will play clips from the 8 finalists on the show and then select the winner in the next week or so.

It's pretty unlikely that we will even make the final 8, but we wanted to at least give it a shot! Most of the submissions were from people who have small-town sports shows, which would make more sense for them to pick than us nerds. LOL

I'll definitely keep you updated once they announce the 8 finalists. Thanks to everyone who has supported us! This community is incredible!

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On 6/2/2017 at 5:28 AM, Breakfast with Nerds said:

We did not make the final 8. I think everyone who did has their own sports talk show. Which i guess makes sense. Lol. Thanks to everyone who helped us try! We will try again next year!

That's still pretty neat that you were able to give it a go.  You'll get 'em next year

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