[HOU] Hour of Devastation Spoilers!

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1 hour ago, JesGolbez said:

We have an almost-cycle of the Jacetice League getting their asses handed to them. Colour hosers with some strange trinket text.


Notice WHO hasn't been defeated? :)

Chandra, wonder what they will do with her

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14 hours ago, Orcs Head Magic (Jordan) said:

EDH scorpion god + undying creatures with enough mana = draw your library by placing -1 counters on creatures!

lol didn't even think of that

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I like the desert theme, but a lot of the Invocation arts look like they were 'extras' that were sitting around, or commissioned for cards never made, and then stuck onto whatever Invocation they needed it for. Sorry, but most of them don't connect well..


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