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5 hours ago, Affinity for MTG said:

I could see myself doing a budget/casual brew for the channel with Crested Sunmare, provided it doesn't see a ton of competitive play and remains at a low price. A couple things I'd consider.

Authority of the Consuls (KLD) Drana's Emissary (BFZ) Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim (OGW)


I have an Angelic Ascension Deck that this would fit perfectly into - I need another permanent to trigger for my life gain! 

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35 minutes ago, JesGolbez said:

Earliest candidate for WORST art of the set... so goofy and Comic-y. Great reprint, though



"OK, you take over Standard, and I'll try to get unbanned in Modern"

But legit that art is dumb, its almost up there with Razaketh's Rite for me (that art makes me cringe hard)


This guy however, is awesome! Kinda gimmicky but I love it.


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More spoils.




I love cycling spells that allow you to trade them in for a random card, if they become 'bleh' later in the game. Beneath the Sands is great early, and can be cashed in late. Not sure I'd run it, myself, but it's not terrible.

Apocalypse Demon seems powerful, but WAY too much work, for my liking.

The spider? Great defender.

The desert? Good vs. land destruction, though we have so little of it these days.. 

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