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2 hours ago, ComputerizedMTG said:

Maybe I should start using TappedOut again. Used to use it pretty heavily during when Khans block was Standard.

It seems like a great way to promote decklists and link to your Youtube channel. I'm not sure if that violates any rules (I should probably look into that...) but just to give you an idea, this is how many views my decks have received on TappedOut.


Shadow Black: 125 views

Courier Aggro: 50 views

Restore Balance: 66 views

Increasing Savagery: 21 views

Soul Tremors: 129 views


I don't know how accurate those stats are, and I don't know how many people followed the link to my Youtube playlists, but it's not bad considering how little effort it took to post them. :)


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6 minutes ago, ComputerizedMTG said:

This one is my pride and joy :)


That was the most fun deck I have played in Standard, wish I could be in that era forever :(

Good points about using it to link to your youtube videos. I was starting to use MTGGoldfish, but TO is a little better imo.


Haha, I feel the same way about tribal zombies in Onslaught! :) I'm not happy with Modern zombies until the make Gempalm Polluter modern legal. I need it!


I'm using MTGgoldfish as well.  Their tournament data is amazing but the deck sharing aspect is pretty bad. TappedOut seems best suited for it.

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