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MTG Community Video - Need your help!

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Your channel needs your help get an MTG Community Video Project off the ground. This is a series that I'm very excited about and I feel can really help bring this amazing mtg cube community together. But to get this off the ground, I need help from you!

To view the video click here:

As you all know Cube players like to personalise their cube's, whether this is pimping it out through foils, alters, promos and signed cards to having something a little different from the norm. I'm sure all of you have one card above all else that you love and cherish the most, whether this is due to your favourite artist signing it, rare artwork, alters or like me the very first planeswalker I ever opened. I'd like you to share your stories and cards with us all.

If you do like the sound of this idea and want more of this in the future, hit that like button so I can see how much you like the idea!


To get involved, please can you do one of the following:

- Take a picture of the card and write a paragraph about why it's so special.
- Take a picture of the card and record your voice talking about the card
- Take a picture of the card and Video yourself explaining why it's special to you.

Once done, please send these to my email address:
(For videos, please use Wetransfer due to email attachment size limits)

I'm planning to create a monthly showcase video with these to help show the community what your favoutire/most cherished cards are in your cube.


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8 hours ago, Abaddon said:

Will attempt to make a video


4 hours ago, And The Geek Shall said:

Awesome idea.

Just need to think up a card to talk about.

Thank you both! Would really appreciate it - had loads of great feedback and submissions already :)

Can't wait to see which cards you pick!

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