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NFL 2017 Season Thread

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I duno man.  That Mini D was legit.  Here is to hoping the pats lose!  I used to watch a ton of football.  If there was a game on I saw it.  Now days, I watch the Bears.  Nothing else.  Without a team to actively root for the game holds no interest.

I used to be so die hard football.  I started playing in the 5th grade and played all the way through collage.  I coached for a few years even.  Football was life.  Now it hardly holds my interest.  Kinda funny that way.

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Hot dog! Falcons drop prices, make more money


Sports fans who have long criticized their favorite teams for the prices they charge at the stadium might finally get their wish of cheaper concessions.

That's what could happen if others follow the lead of Atlanta Falcons and United owner Arthur Blank, whose group revealed Thursday that, despite lowering their food and beverage prices to the lowest in all of major professional American sports, fans actually spent more.

Steve Cannon, CEO of the AMB Group, Blank's holding company, told ESPN that although food and beverage prices were 50 percent lower in its new Mercedes-Benz Stadium than the prices in the Georgia Dome the previous year, fans spent 16 percent more.

"There's a huge value in delighting your fan base, to make them as happy as they could possibly be," Cannon said. "We started with one of the biggest pain points and it paid off."

To coincide with opening Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the AMB Group announced their "Fan First Menu Pricing." Unlimited Coca-Cola would cost $2, so too would a bottle of water, popcorn, a hot dog and a pretzel. For $3 each, fans could get waffle fries, a slice of pizza, or nachos with cheese. Those prices included tax. No change would help serve to speed the ease of transactions.

The new stadium also had 65 percent more points of sale and 1,264 more beer taps than the Georgia Dome did as well as self-serve soda machines.

Cannon said Thursday that the Falcons recently finished No. 1 among all NFL teams, in an internal survey conducted by the league, in food quality, price to value ratio, speed of service and variety.

Not only did the team make more money by lowering the prices, but the move also led to a domino effect for the entire game-day experience.

Because fans weren't deterred by the concession prices, Cannon said that, on average, 6,000 more fans walked through the gates two hours before the game, which not only meant more time to sell food and drink, but also helped to ease wait times at the games to the goal of no more than five minutes.

A happier fan experience will lead to sustained ticket sales, Cannon reasons, leading to sponsors more interested in having a presence at the stadium.

Since AMB announced the fan-first pricing in May 2016, the reaction by the rest of the sports world has, for the most part, has been to ignore it. Few teams have sought to replicate the model, partly because it was believed that the group in Atlanta would be leaving money on the table.

"Arthur wants other teams to do this," Cannon said. "We are an open playbook. We want to show other teams how this is done."

In order for Blank to allow him the flexibility of controlling the pricing, he has a more loose relationship with his concessionaire than what is typically found in sports. AMB runs the entire operation and with Levy being the group's business partner.

Despite not being open for many of the stadium's major events, including seven of the eight regular-season Falcons home games, the stadium's Chick-fil-A stand sold the third-most items of any stand in the structure.

Merchandise sales were also up 88 percent.

Other sports teams should take note.  Something for movie theaters to think about too.

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On 1/25/2018 at 0:07 PM, Dunnar said:

Hot dog! Falcons drop prices, make more money

Other sports teams should take note.  Something for movie theaters to think about too.

It would be nice not paying $20 for a small popcorn at the theater but they make most of their money off of concessions so we'll probably never see something like this there.

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I don't think he'd come here. But we have 180 million reasons to try to convince him.

But it's nice to dream. Pick Barkley, Fitzpatrick, sign Landry, Kirk (maybe Bell) and still have 3 2nd rounders.

Then I wake up and realize that drafting a rb for Hue is as worthless as tits on a bull

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According to the transitive property of sports here are last years champions!

Basically, any team that beat the eventual March Madness champion(Villanova) during the regular season(Butler, St. John's, Providence, and Creighton) is considered a transitive champion, as well as any teams that beat those teams, or teams that beat the teams that beat the teams that beat Villanova, and so on.

While I don't have time to figure out the answer for college basketball(way too many teams and games), I decided to do it for the NFL, since there are less teams and games in their regular season.

Here we go:

"We are the champions!"

1) Philadelphia Eagles(Super Bowl champions)

"We beat the champions!"

2) Kansas City Chiefs(defeated the Eagles Week 2)

3) Seattle Seahawks(defeated the Eagles Week 13)

4) Dallas Cowboys(defeated the Eagles Week 17)

"We beat a team that beat the champions!"

5) Pittsburgh Steelers(defeated the Chiefs Week 6)

6) Oakland Raiders(defeated the Chiefs Week 7)

7) New York Giants(defeated the Chiefs Week 11)

8) Buffalo Bills(defeated the Chiefs Week 12)

9) New York Jets(defeated the Chiefs Week 13)

10) Tennessee Titans(defeated the Chiefs in the Wild Card Round)

11) Green Bay Packers(defeated the Seahawks Week 1)

12) Washington(defeated the Seahawks Week 9)

13) Atlanta Falcons(defeated the Seahawks Week 11)

14) Jacksonville Jaguars(defeated the Seahawks Week 14)

15) Los Angeles Rams(defeated the Seahawks Week 15)

16) Arizona Cardinals(defeated the Seahawks Week 17)

17) Denver Broncos(defeated the Cowboys Week 2)

18) Los Angeles Chargers(defeated the Cowboys Week 12)

"We beat a team that beat a team that beat the champions!"

19) Chicago Bears(defeated the Steelers Week 3)

20) New England Patriots(defeated the Steelers Week 15)

21) Baltimore Ravens(defeated the Raiders Week 5)

22) Detroit Lions(defeated the Giants Week 2)

23) Tampa Bay Buccaneers(defeated the Giants Week 4)

24) San Francisco 49ers(defeated the Giants Week 10)

25) Carolina Panthers(defeated the Bills Week 2)

26) Cincinnati Bengals(defeated the Bills Week 5)

27) New Orleans Saints(defeated the Bills Week 10)

28) Miami Dolphins(defeated the Jets Week 7)

29) Houston Texans(defeated the Titans Week 4)

30) Minnesota Vikings(defeated the Packers Week 6)

"We beat a team that beat a team that beat a team that beat the champions!"

31) Indianapolis Colts(defeated the 49ers Week 5)

"We lost every single game!"

32) Cleveland Browns(went 0-16)


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