MirrodinTech e-Gaming Shirts (for GPs, ProTours, SCGs, etc.)

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One thing that has come up as more and more people join our play-group in South Florida (especially with the disbanding of South Florida Magic as an event-hosting and commercial operation,) is people have asking how they may represent the institute at events where they compete. Thus, the idea of jerseys in the style of eGaming shirts came up. Then before I could mention it, we were approached by a potential sponsor!


Just looking to get some thoughts on the preliminary design/mock-up. I will finalize details and negotiate specifics with these stores (and any others interested) after my board exam on Oct 13th.



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Thank you! It's gone through quite a few mock-ups, but bright green on black really fits the high-tech e-Gaming look, plus fits the color palate of our main sponsor's logo pretty nicely. It's given me the welcome challenge of working on a new logo to fit a more modern/sleek design.

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