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Legacy Event

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So, I finally managed to get some local paper Legacy action this week- only a small, 4 round tournament which is perfect fro a midweek evening. I couldn't decide what to play, so I took Burn and Death & Taxes along, but decided I didn't want to have to use my brain too much after a long day at work so went with the red option. Here's (roughly- I didn't take any notes or anything) how it went

The deck:

Fairly standard "Lavamancer plus lots of fetches" version of Burn

4 Goblin Guide, 4 Monastery Swiftspear, 2 Grim Lavamancer, 4 Eidolon of the Great Revel

4 Lightning Bolt, 4 Chain Lightning, 4 Rift Bolt, 4 Lava Spike, 4 Price of Progress, 4 Fireblast, 2 Sulfuric Vortex

8 Mountains, 1 Barbarian Ring, 4 Arid Mesa, 4 Wooded Foothills, 3 Bloodstained Mire


4 Pyroblast, 2 Smash to Smithereens, 4 Searing Blaze, 3 Mindbreak Trap, 2 Ensnaring Bridge


Round 1 vs Slivers

This was quite a strange match- playing against a newish player trying Legacy for the first time with a RG Slivers brew focusing on creature pump effects and haste. Game 1 wasn't exactly the 5 minute affair I was hoping for when I chose to play Burn. My opponent had packed a lot of life gain effects in Elixir of Immortality and Staff of the Flame Magus, I mulled to five and kept a one-land hand, then proceeded to draw 3 copies of Price of Progress in the next 10 cards against a player with only basic lands. Fortunately her deck didn't really function as hoped either and I eventually managed to pick off all her Slivers with a combination of Lightning Bolt on the one copy of Predatory Sliver she drew and then topdecking a Grim Lavamancer. Once I'd ground her down to 5 life my hand was Price, Price, Price, with Barbarian Ring, 3 Mountains and a Swiftspear in play, plus a Rift Bolt on suspend against a flooded opponent with 4 Forests, 5 Mountains and a Striking Sliver. Thanks to the Lavamancer I had only 5 cards in my yard so had to target the Sliver with the Rift Bolt and cast a Price of Progress to effectively do nothing but shock myself to get the Swiftspear through and give me threshold to finish her off with 2 from the Barbarian Ring. 

Game 2 was much quicker, I had Goblin Guide in the opening 7, which I was keepable this time, and then drew another one on turn 1. She got a Staff down early but only one Mountain in the first 5 turns so it didn't slow me down much and after the 2 Guides did most of the work, Fireblast showed up to seal the 2-0


Round 2 vs Lands

Lands is generally a good match up for Burn- game 1 especially is low on interaction and, unless they get a turn 3 or 4 Marit Lage, Burn is generally too quick. In this match, game 1 was actually quite slow, as he drew 2 copies of Maze of Ith and a Punishing Fire, so my creatures didn't get much done. He didn't find a Dark Depths despite a few turns of dredge Life from the Loam, cast Life from the Loam excitement and I drew enough burn spells to take a 1-0 lead. Game 2 i sided in the Ensnaring Bridges (mostly against an indestructible 20/20 flyer) and Searing Blazes as I knew he had Tireless Trackers in his sideboard. My opener had 2 lands, a Goblin Guide, a Swiftspear, a Lava Spike and both Bridges. He mulliganed to 5, kept a hand with Maze of Ith but not much else, topdecked lands turns 2 and 3 by which time my creatures and the Lava Spike had him down to 13 and he had Gambled for Drop of Honey, but had to discard it. I hadn't yet seen the third land to get a Bridge down but at end of his turn I cast Price of Progress with him having Maze, Wasteland, Grove of the Burnwillows as his only permanents, giving him a choice of going to 7 or Wastelanding himself. He took 6, I then drew a Mountain, dropped Bridge, he Gambled again looking for Krosan Grip then scooped when he realised he hadn't sided them in. Another 2-0 win


Round 3 vs Mono Blue Painter

This was unfortunately kind of a non-match. Game 1 my opponent kept a one lander, cast turn 1 Preordain, didn't find a land, turn 2 Ponder, again no land and the damage was done. Turn 3 or 4 he drew a second land and cast Painter's Servant (with Grindstone in hand), I Bolted it and then finished him off with a Fireblast. Game 2 went a similar way, I got ahead, he was stuck on 2 lands but had a Spellskite to slow me down. I got an Eidolon into play and he had to play a couple more cantrips into it to try and find lands then Blue Blasted the Eidolon, doing most of my work for me. At 1 life i thought I had him with a Fireblast, forgetting that Spellskite's ability doesn't have to cost life, he paid a blue to redirect but I drew Rift Bolt the next turn and he died with Painter and Grindstone in hand for 3-0, 6-0


Round 4 vs Death and Taxes

So it was on to the battle for 4-0. Game 1 I mulled to 5 again, my opponent was on the play, dropped turn 1 Mother of Runes, which I Bolted, Turn 2 another Mother of Runes, I played Swiftspear and got a point of damage through while she couldn't activate her ability but then couldn't do much as turn 3 Karakas and Thalia arrived. I played an Eidolon but couldn't attack, and couldn't profitably block the Thalia as I only had two lands (one a Barbarian RIng) and he was tapping one with a Port every turn. A few turns later he played a Flickerwisp and I was done. Game 2 was close, I had sided in Searing Blazes and Smash to Smithereens, managed to kill the first Mother of Runes again, got him down to 9 life with Eidolon, Swiftspear and Goblin Guide but found myself up against the familiar combo of Thalia, Mother of Runes, Karakas and Port (plus 1 or 2 Plains), I had 4 lands in play so Thalia and Port activations meant my hand of Price, Price, and a Lava Spike I drew after casting the first Price had to be spread over 3 turns- got him to 1 with 4 damage from each Price of Progress, then he dropped Sanctum Prelate on 1, I drew a million lands and slowly got killed by Thalia and Ethersworn Canonist. On reflection, I should have thought of Prelate as his only out and, anticipated he was 99% o set it on 1, cast the Lava Spike a turn earlier, before the second Price of Progress.

Overall a fun night, finished 3-1, which earned me 2nd place and 3 packs of Ixalan. The decks in the room were by no means a reflection of the top tier Legacy meta- I faced a grand total of one dual land (Taiga in the Lands deck) in any of my 4 matches and of the people I didn't play against I think only 2 decks would probably have had them, but quite a variety of 'real' but lower tier Legacy decks plus a few brews. Among the players I didn't face there was another Burn deck, Merfolk, BR Reanimator, Sneak and Show and a version of Mono Red Prison/Dragon Stompy. It was great to see a new, hopefully regular, Legacy night get off the ground with a good turnout, and more players who had planned to be there and who should add to the numbers in the future. The people who were playing Legacy for the first time all enjoyed it and commented on how welcome they were made to feel, and that can only be good for the game in general. Long live Legacy!

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Slightly different decklist this week, I read a write up of a guy who played Burn in a Legacy GP a few months ago, gave his list a try:

4 Goblin Guide, 3 Lavamancer, 4 Eidolon

4 Chain Lightning, 4 Lava Spike, 4 Lightning Bolt, 4 Price of Progress, 2 Searing Blaze, 4 Rift Bolt, 4 Fireblast

3 Sulfuric Vortex

9 Mountains, 11 Fetches

Sideboard: 2 Faerie Macabre, 3 Smash to Smithereens, 2 Searing Blaze, 3 Exquisite Firecraft, 2 Grafdigger's Cage, 3 Ensnaring Bridge


Round 1: Mono Blue Painter

Game 1 on the play, lead with a Rift Bolt, follow up with turn 2 Eidolon, turn 3 Vortex. My opponent has turn 2 Grindstone, turn 3 Painter's Servant. Luckily I've drawn a Lightning Bolt by this time so am able to kill the Painter next turn when he activates the Grindstone. He gets a great mill in even without the Painter- I'd guess 18-20 cards before I finally turn over a land. The Eidolon, Vortex and a fetchland have got him down to 9 by this point, end of turn Bolt, Fireblast makes it 2, Sulfuric Vortex finishes him off in his upkeep 1-0

I side in 3 Smash to Smithereens, 3 Exquisite Firecraft for 2 Searing blaze and 4 Price of Progress (his manabase is fetches and basics). My opener has one of each but not much else- 4 lands and a Rift Bolt make up the 7. I keep only because Burn mulligans so badly. He Gitaxian Probes me turn 1 to get a good look at my weak hand, then turn 2 Spellskite, which gets hit by a Smash to Smithereens. Turn 3 I get an Eidolon down. Another Probe, plus a Ponder and a couple of cracked fetches get him down to 7, he casts Whir of Invention for 1 to get a Grindstone into play. Next turn he casts Painter, but a second Smash to Smithereens on the Grindstone with it on the stack stops him from comboing and, as usual, FIreblast does the last 4 damage 2-0 


Round 2: Death and Taxes 

A rematch against my loss from last month. Game 1 I'm on the draw, he leads with Aether Vial, I play Rift Bolt. Turn 2 he casts Jitte, I follow up with Eidolon. Stoneforge Mystic gets Vialled in, he gets a Batterskull and equips Stoneforge with the Jitte, kills the Eidolon with StP. I take out the Stoneforge with a Chain Lightning, play a second RIft Bolt. Next turn he casts Revoker naming Lavamancer. Rift Bolt off suspend takes him to 12 then I Searing Blaze the Revoker. He Vials in a Prelate on 1, and casts a Serra Avenger and Mother of Runes, but another Rift Bolt takes care of the Prelate before the Mother is able to protect it. Avenger carrying a Jitte hits me a couple of times and a couple of counters keep him at 6 after I cast Price of Progress, just out of range of my Fireblast in hand. When the Batterskull comes down, I have to use the Fireblast to get rid of the germ. The life gain and must-kill creatures have done a good job of overloading my burn spells and a second casting of the Batterskull with him at 2 but 8 Jitte counters to stay alive with are too much for me 0-1

Game 2 I bring in the extra Searing Blazes and the Smash to Smithereens, trim a few of the 1 cost burn spells so a Prelate isn't such a disaster for me. I have turn 1 Chain Lightning, just a land from my opponent. Turn 2 Thalia appears, but I have a Bolt ready. Turn 3 Prelate has me praying for a land off the top, which I get and am able to use the Searing Blaze from my opener to kill it. He drops a Stoneforge, gets Jitte, I play Eidolon. Next he casts Serra Avenger, equips it with the Jitte. When he attacks the following turn I Smash to Smithereens the Jitte. An attack with Eidolon gets him down to 6. I try to Searing Blaze his Stoneforge once another land gets me the Landfall trigger, but he StPs his own creature in response, effectively gaining 5 life. I play a Lavamancer, he plays Batterskull. Lavamancer gets him to 6 again before it eats a second StP, then Batterskull takes the game away from me 0-2


Round 3: Burn

Mirror match against a new Burn player. I get the play, Turn 1 Goblin Guide reveals a bolt, he casts Rift Bolt. Another attack with the Guide reveals Lava Spike, he chooses to hit me rather than my creature with his Rift Bolt then misses his second land drop.  I Chain Lightning him then send in the Guide again, this time he gets a land and Bolts my Guide. I play Eidolon, he Bolts it. I topdeck a second Eidolon, he casts a Lava Spike and a Lavamancer to go down to 9 while I'm at 13. He kills my Eidolon with the Lavamancer, but a second Goblin Guide, a Searing Blaze and a FIreblast finish him off. 1-0

Game 2 I side out the 4 Price of Progress, bring in 2 Searing Blaze and 2 Firecraft.  I have turn 1 Goblin Guide again, revealing an Eidolon on the first attack. Turn 2 he cracks 2 fetches and Searing Blazes my Guide. I follow up with Chain Lightning and Lava Spike to get him to 10. He cracks another fetch, plays the Eidolon I had seen and suspends a Rift Bolt. I have 2 Lightning Bolts and a Fireblast in hand and unload 10 more points of damage while he's tapped out 2-0


Round 4: Four Colour Rector NIc Fit

This sweet brew is all based around cheating into play extremely annoying enchantments, which mono-red really can't deal with. I start on the draw, he leads with Cabal Therapy, names Bolt but I reveal a Boltless hand. I lead with Lavamancer, then he plays Veteran Explorer, flashes back Therapy to take my Eidolon. Turn 2 I Chain Lightning and Lava Spike to the face then he casts Green Sun's Zenith for 1 to get another Veteran Explorer. I activate Lavamancer then, when he casts another Therapy, double Fireblast him down to 4 so I now have only a fetch in hand. He casts Evolutionary Leap, activates it to replace Explorer with an Academy Rector, then while I have no gas casts the Rector to sac it to Leap (finding anohter Rector) and get Dovescape. I have drawn a Bolt, cast it end of turn to get a 1/1 flier, hit him down to 3 then get basically locked out of the game when he sacs his second rector to get Curse of Death's Hold. The only live draws in my deck now are Eidolon and Goblin Guide but I never see either. A few turns later he curses me with a cruel reality from a 3rd Rector and that makes short work of me

Game 2 is even more one sided. I think I sided in the Exquisite Firecrafts thinking I just needed to have as many ways as possible to get him to zero as soon as I could, taking out  the Searing Blazes and a PoP (he had a lot of basics for the Therapy/Explorer engine). Sadly he also had a sideboard, and his included Leyline of Sanctity, which he drew in his opening 7 and made my otherwise great hand of 2 lands, Lavamancer, Bolt, Lava Spike, Lava Spike, Fireblast much less good. I get a few hits in with Lavamancer while building up a hand of burn that would have killed him by Turn 4 had been able to use any of it, Bolt the Dryad Arbor that he searches up with a GSZ on turn 3 after a turn 2 Groundseal (nope, I'd never heard of it either) to make my Lavamancer a vanilla 1/1. It's still enough to get him to 15 before he feels it's worth using an Abrupt Decay on. Academy Rector appears, gets sacrificed to Evolutionary Leap- he gets another Rector and I get the Curse of Death's Hold treatment again. This time I do manage to find one of the few live draws in my deck, play a 1/1 Eidolon, which means it takes one less turn for Cruel Reality to kill me than it otherwise might have. Luckily for me, Sigarda (the AVR one) joins the party and means my misery is brief 0-2


Classic night for Legacy Burn overall- 3 totally one-sided matches out of the 4. The D+T match was a close and interesting one like last time around, bt again the life gain that the equipment package brings proved too much. Burn is just not designed to deal 30 or 35 damage quickly enough to win, and it certainly doesn't have any good answers to enchantment based locks like we saw in Round 4

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6 hours ago, Abaddon said:

Im surprised how strong lavamancer is, it never seemed like that great of a card to me.  Is this a one off tournament or a regular event?

Hopefully regular- the Legacy scene near me has had a rocky time lately, this is the latest attempt to get something regular going again. After several failed weekly Legacy events, the aim with this is to make it a monthly thing and so far the first two events have had decent turnouts- 12 in October, 11 last week- so it's looking positive so far.

As for Lavamancer, yes he is great, I just wish he could kill enchantments as well

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