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Thanks to @TheCandyMan for being this months Spotlight!  


Question: How have you been lately?  Any exciting news you'd like to share?

Answer: I have been pretty good actually. Nothing too interesting as of late except that Hockey season is back!! 

My 2 year old has been keeping me busy when I have free time. 


Q:  Which leagues do you follow?  Any favorite teams?

A: I mostly follow the NHL (Bruins) and College Hockey (UMass Lowell)


Q:  Any plans for the holidays?  (if you're into that sort of thing)

A: When is that?... haha seriously I barley plan out the next week. But in years past there is always family gatherings with a lot of food and drink.


Q: When and why did you start playing Magic?

A: I dont know exactly why, probably because my close friends started and got me into it. 

I also dont know the year but I know the sets.. Ice Age, 4th Ed. and Urzas Saga/Legacy. Those are the first sets I remember playing with and bought intro packs of. I took a break in there somewhere and came back strong at RoE and have been active in buying cards since.


Q:  What got you back into the game during RoE? 

A: A friend of mine went to Pax East and got their starter packs and was interested in the game. Since I had a ton of cards already I was able to teach him and we ended up buying boxes together for a while (which is how I got my Venser!)


Q: You have lots of great combo, interaction and deck ideas.  Where do they come from?  

A: My best deck and most favorite is my Venser deck. 

That was entirely a homebrew just based simply on ETB effects and abusing the +2 of Venser. It started with Venser, Wall of Omens, Sea Gate Oracle, Sunblast Angel, Mimic Vat, Gideon Jura, Clones and cantrips. It added Sun Titan, O-Ring and Stonehorn Dignitary and has been a deck since. I've never seen it pop up as a competitive deck and really the only place I've ever seen Venser played was in Birthing Pod decks. 

The complexity of Clones and all of the ETB triggers and their interaction has really got me deeper into rules interactions and how specific plays work. I think if anyone picked up that deck it would be a learning curve on how some specific interactions work. 

Most of the remainder of my decks are tribal and just were born by cards I aquired. The only pre-released I played was the original INN which got me all my double faced cards and birthed my werewolf deck. 

My ShadowBurn deck is just homage to my older cards which never really see play anymore, I never really liked mono-red, but add Shadow creatures and then its fun.

Many of the other combos I have either seen on a stream or read in an article or just saw it in play from my friends or random bulk rare deck attempts.


Q  What is your favorite format to play?

A: In this order:

Emperor. (Casual 60 card decks)

Star. (Casual 60 card decks)

Modern (Venser) (Because I dont have the $$$ for Legacy and dont keep up with Standard)

Commander (Eldrazi)


Q:  If you could get any Legacy deck to play which one would it be?

A: I'd have to say Death & Taxes


Q:  Any reason in particular you don't keep up with Standard?

A: Cost.. just too much to buy into standard every year. Also it is so sad to have to almost pillage a deck every rotation. 


Q: Do you play competitively? 

A: I did play Standard when Venser was legal morphing the deck based on the Standard set of cards. Yay Caw Blade and Valakut Standard :). 

But since then really only played Draft as competitive


Q: Any plans to play competitively again?  

A: Unlikely unless MtG stays around until my son can play it. It would only be drafting until then. 

That said if a Modern tournament was in my area and I had the time free to go to it, I would give my Venser deck a run. 


Q:  What type of play style is your favorite to play?  (aggro, control, midrange ect.)

A: I guess control, but I hate playing with counterspells. My Venser deck controls your play without actually countering anything. But that said, I love my Eldrazi EDH deck and I do favor my Werewolf and Zombie casual decks when playing in groups (mostly because Venser gets targeted hard in multiplayer)


Q: Love control but hate playing counterspells?  

A: I love using other means to control the board. O-Ring, Detain, removal.. things like that. 

I guess I'm just better at determining what needs to be removed rather than what is good to counter. Removal is usually good against anything, counters are not always good. I dont hate people who play counter decks, I just rather tapout to control someone then guess and leave back mana to counter their play. I guess it's a "Anything you can do I can do better / I can do anything better than you"


Q:  Any cards that you know have potential but haven't unlocked them yet?

A: I do try out janky stuff from time to time. I really would love to make Maze's End work competitively but it gets expensive for things like Amulets and PrimeTimes, oh and GSZ is not modern legal.. lol

I have also been trying out a variation of Frank Lepore's Faithless Flayer deck combining it with Delver of Secrets until you can reanimate Flayer of the Hatebound and win. I found a Orcish Librarian


(R {Tap}: Look at the top eight cards of your library. Exile four of them at random, then put the rest on top of your library in any order.) I think that can just find the exact piece to reanimate faster and just trying to find the right setup for it to actually be a 60 card deck. 


Q: What are your thoughts on net decking?

A: I personally dont like it but I completely understand that people may not have time or money to build a homebrew and test and make it good enough to win prizes. If you are a good game player and looking to play to win an event then netdecking may give you the extra % points you need to just have that better combination of cards to outplay your opponent. I personally just play with the cards I own. 

That said, I think looking at other decklists and watching online streams of people playing other decks is a huge advantage to the internet. There are so many cards legal in every format that there is bound to have someone playing it and to be able to learn from it. 


Q: How big is your Magic collection?

A: I think its pretty large but I dont really have anyone to compare against. I have 2 created EDH decks about 10 60 card constructed decks. I have bought at least a fat pack of each set since RoE and a couple boxes along the way. 

I cant wait until my 2 year old is old enough to start playing and just turn it all over to him to see what he can do. 


Q:  Do you have a regular play group or do you play at a local game store or both?

A: I have a somewhat regular playgroup. It is mostly my old college roommates. I have gone to a LGS to play draft but I'm not an overly social person so it makes it harder to really break into a LGS group. 


Q: Have any other hobbies? 

A: I love gaming. Video games (XBOX), board games, card games, dice games, tabletop games. 

I'm also a huge hockey fan, NHL, AHL, college hockey, high school, pond whatever. 

I also love weather.. I work in the field and just have loved all things weather since I was a little boy. 


Q:  What games are you current playing?

A: Right now.. Destiny 2 is taking up most of my video game time. But I'm a huge Halo fan and love an occasional sports game to pass the time. 

As for board games my favorites include anything involving city building or tile laying.


Q:  Favorite season? 

A: Winter.. I love snow... cold kills bugs.. and you can always put on more clothes. 


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2 hours ago, Lasraik said:

Q:  Which leagues do you follow?  Any favorite teams?

A: I mostly follow the NHL (Bruins) 

Well, I just stopped reading...

Kidding aside, it's great to see another one of these posted!

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2 hours ago, Abaddon said:

Interesting you being a fan of control decks but not counterspells.  Your point about removal makes sense never thought of it that way

Its funny that I sorta like playing against decks which rely heavily on counterspells because its a chess match on having them counter the wrong thing at the wrong time. Only to have them not have it at the opportune moment.

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On 11/2/2017 at 0:08 AM, Manticore said:

what do you do when your not playing magic?  job i mean if you dont mind me asking

Hey.. sorry I missed this notification. I dont mind at all.

I am an R&D scientist in the field of Meteorology

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