Arcane Gene-Splicing: A Mad Scientists Dream

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Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers,

Yesterday I posted my new article on what is essentially Cat/Horse tribal! Find it here at

Its kinda similar to something from @MTG Strategist which half upset me because I thought I’d come up with it first! You can find a video for his list by @ChuckWagonMTG at

Check them both out and maybe consider them (or a variation) for your local FNM :)

Until next time, draw well and respect each other.



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On 13/11/2017 at 8:56 AM, MTG Strategist said:

Legion's Landing is a good add as well. If your cats get fried before they become indestructible it offers a nice backup for lifeline. That way you can keep the horse production up.

Helps to send mixed signals too. The later they realise this deck isn’t an established deck, the better the element of surprise!

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