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Hi everyone! Can't believe I've only just found this wonderful community, guess that's what happens when I forget about twitter for a year or two!

So I'm Tim, but you can find me on various places across the internet as dijital llama. I've been a long time on/off mtg player, since way back in time, but recently started again with Kaladesh, and am loving it. So much so that I started a youtube about it. (There's also a bit of games workshop stuff on there, as that's another passion of mine)

I am playing quite a lot of standard at the moment, but my main format of choice is commander. I really enjoy budget and janky builds, odd combos and alt win-cons, and am still a fan of tiny leaders! I don't really have a kitchen table group at the moment as we almost exclusively play at the lgs, but I always play in the spirit of the kitchen table!

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to meeting you all, contributing what I can, and definitely checking out everyone else's channels :)

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