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And The Geek Shall

My dumbest deck yet: the Meme Deck!

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Once upon a time, on the internet, there was a meme that people kept spreading about badgers, mushrooms and snakes.

Well, that meme now lives on in EDH in the form of this deck!

but, serious, was really bored & unbalanced the other day and talking about playing a badger deck in modern when this idea came to me.

since there are only 4 badgers in all of Magic, I decided to add Fungus and Snake type creatures to the list and the theme was born.

I went for Jund because [[Rock Badger]] is Red and I could also powerful removal spells like [[Star of Extinction]]. [[Vial Smasher the Fierce]] was chosen as the partner for her chaotic damage ability.

I think I synergised the deck well, using [[Conspiracy]] to add tribal buffs and [[Cryptolithic Rites]] for mana dork tokens.

Please let us know what you think.

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