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Star Wars

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18 hours ago, Pasanda said:

The problem i have with this sort of comment is that the film has been regarded as one of the best movies ever made for over 40 years, from an pure entertainment point of view. I think it's a little to cool too subject films to a super-clinical autopsy and scrutinise every single plot thread to the nth degree, like it was made by a movie making genius. We're used to it today, and modern film makers should make film expecting that level of scrutiny. But it was 1976. The film was a lot of fun, enjoyed by children and adults across the world. Just chill out and see it for what it was. At the time it was a very high risk sci fi movie by a new and inexperienced director, that was made when practically zero bucks went into sci fi ($40m in adjusted bucks by todays standards). To take it apart scene by scene and criticise it for less than stellar movie making prowess seems fairly petty to me.

It ain't supposed to be Hitchcock or Orson Welles. Or storytelling of a Dickens level.

I am pointing less to you Jag, than i am to the modern habit of taking apart films and being, what i feel is, overly critical.

Or am i over-reacting?

It was never a problem until the new series came out and destroyed all the development before.  It wasn't an issue because the books filled the gaps.  It is less a criticism of the original and more of what they have done to the story line.  I am pretty forgiving of movies, but star wars has/had so much more to the universe.  They took the beloved hero of the SW universe and turned him into an old man with PTSD.


I agree, there are a lot of armchair critics out there.  If a movie entertains me, I'll give it a thumbs up.  Some movies just have plot holes so big even I catch them, and it becomes hard to look past them.

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