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Pauper cards in RIX?

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Well, nothing is really inspiring me, and there are a LOT of reprints, but I guess some candidates if you are brewing


(Sorry for image size)

For pirate decks, these 2 are good candidates


A disfigure variant and gains life. Maybe


This might be a good candidate if there is a pauper vampire deck. 2/2 menace is solid, and it can make another vampire get in there


A smaller Phyrexian Rager, which is a card that sees play


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I really like the snub horn as an early defender that could become a solid one drop late game, and gruesome fate for some direct damage

Maybe orazca relic could see some play for grindy matches? I'm still new to Pauper, so I might be overestimating the Ascend mechanic for the format. I'm bummed that they only printed one (that I could see) enrage creature at common...











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