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Known Combos in Zuby's Cube

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Figured I'd start a topic on known combos in cube which can be found here:

Note: These combos are for winning the game easily or infinite combos I have stashed in there for fun. I personally enjoy combos like these and wanted them in my cube. Some combos require 4-5 cards so it's not like they will be seen all the time.

Kill them quick combo:

Image.jpg.918e641cd22b55e18d6e151da75eacab.jpg + 5a5d0de594a43_Image(1).jpg.8b2fdedd6442447680cbad9eee3f88de.jpg

This combo is the classic Splinter twin combo without the splinter twin though I am considering maybe putting Splinter Twin.

Mill Them out combo:

5a5d0efe099e6_Image(2).jpg.3e936ec678d17b5589877be7207c3b78.jpg + 5a5d0f0153721_Image(3).jpg.6f547ba491ec19b7d18eb36a1bba381b.jpg + 5a5d0f031c963_Image(4).jpg.95e2a89308bad5f7052cbb5e8948006a.jpg + 5a5d0f05d47a9_Image(5).jpg.14cff1441b5ce432cf67058679cd047c.jpg or 5a5d0f0838f9b_Image(6).jpg.89ffd4cb7e3588a3730d4fe2fa0028b6.jpg

Want to mill your opponent out quickly? Well draft this 4 card combo! I know, it would be very hard to draft all those but it is possible if the stars align!

Create a Giant Zombie:

5a5d10a0abcd5_Image(7).jpg.9bbd2ac36c57993973a9b1026954082f.jpg + 5a5d10a2adf49_Image(8).jpg.d92d895798e9ab5a368e7b3d8a3cc8ab.jpg do not pay the mana cost and let Protean Hulk die triggering it's ability and bring out:

5a5d10a4b45fa_Image(9).jpg.7db90ea200c32b5a06021d1893a0458a.jpg + 5a5d10a68f89a_Image(10).jpg.9b5626064e28fc59bb5b911dbaf8c6e5.jpg

Return Protean Hulk from graveyard and fetch out:

Image.jpg.918e641cd22b55e18d6e151da75eacab.jpg + 5a5d124172132_Image(11).jpg.06f2a6ad70086cf9b28b297c09bcabc1.jpg

Use Kiki-Jiki to copy Karmic Guide, in response sac kiki-jiki to the Feeder. Get kiki-jiki back out and copy the Guide again and rinse and repeat with a giant Carrion Feeder and hope it survives a turn or if you're lucky, Fling it!


Yes that combo requires 6 cards and very low chance of being drafted but fun nonetheless right? :D 

I have some others but that is it for now. Let me know what ya think!

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