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Episode 100 AMA!!!!

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In before it's too late hopefully:

How did you meet Mrs. Zuby?

Where are you from originally?

Do you plan to stay in Florida long term?

What places would you like to visit?

Do you try and stay out of the MTG related drama on social media?

If you could gather all of the creators and players involved in Magic Gate and get them in one room, what would you tell them?

What card in your collection is the most valuable?

If there was a natural disaster and you only had time to grab one deck before you run for safety, which one would it be?

What EDH deck have you always wanted to build but never have?

What could Wizards do differently to support smaller creators?


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If you had to pick the name of one Magic card to describe the podcast, which card would it be?

Do you see yourself leaning more towards Twitch over YouTube in the future or will you continue to use both platforms?

Favorite sports teams?

If you could change the 5 colors of magic into any other colors, what would they be?

Any experience with Canadian Highlander? (Format is amazing btw)

If you had to rename the podcast, what would change the name to?

If you had to pick your 3 favorite episodes of Magic with Zuby, which 3 would they be?

And finally...

Who is your least favorite content creator named AlbyMTG?

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