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King of Jank

All of King of Jank's Pauper Deck Techs

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Hey guys, oppose to posting for every deck tech, I figure I'd just add them to one long post, and update it as they go. So here it is:


It Takes Two - Green Black Sacrifice/Token Deck



BoGles - Green Black Bogles Deck - August 17th, 2018



Mono Red Tron - July 31st, 2018

Artificer Stompy - UR Aggro Artificer Deck - June 21st, 2018



Relentless Rats - Mono Black Relentless Rat Deck - May 7th, 2018


Hunger of the Hawk - UB Artifact Combo Deck - March 16th, 2018



Stupid Merfolk - UG Merfolk Tribal Deck - February 21st, 2018


Christmas Myracle - RG Myr Tribal Deck - December 22nd, 2017


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