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Mizzix's Inferno (casual)

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When I first saw the card Mizzix's Mastery spoiled in an older Commander set, I instantly fell in love. Here is the decklist:


So much value! So much Johnny potential.

Of course, I don't build many combo decks these days, and I didn't really want to build an EDH deck around it.

It took awhile, but a fairly recent card gave me the inspiration to make the deck.


By filling the graveyard with a load of burn spells, the idea is to overload the Mastery and throw a bunch of burning pies into the opponent's face. Inferno Jet did both, with the cheap cycling cost, and the ability to do more than 1/4 of an opponent's life total in damage at once.

Using loot effects, the deck aims to stack the graveyards, all the meanwhile using burn to keep the board clear of too many threats.

The deck is a glass cannon, but I've had some last-turn wins out of nowhere. ...32 damage? I guess that's game :P


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23 hours ago, King of Jank said:

Thats a really sick idea! I love it!

Also I would have never guessed that Mizzix's Mastery was that expensive...

Yeah, getting 4 of them took time. @Aurian actually ended up buying me some for my birthday :P


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