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It's as if Masters sets never happened...

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I don't know if anyone else has notice, but the prices of Modern decks have finally climbed back up to where they were before (good) Masters sets were being printed. For awhile, particularly after Masters 2017, most Tier 1 modern decks were hovering around USD $650-$1,000. A year-and-a-half after Masters 2017, prices are already over $1,000 for almost every Tier 1 deck, with a few exceptions.

Naturally, the prices have rebounded after not being printed for so long, but the decks have also evolved over time, so cards are driving up the average cost simply because they weren't worth anything when the last Masters set was released.

I think this is pretty definitive evidence that it's PERFECTLY OKAY to print valuable modern cards on a regular basis. The prices will always creep upwards if they are heavily played cards, and with the way decks evolve there will always be fresh, new cards to capitalize on with the next Masters set release.

For anyone curious, here are MTGGoldfish's prices for the current meta:
5c Humans:  $1,450
UW Control: $1,130
Burn: $730
Hardened Scales: $1,100
Bant Spirits: $1,300
Mono-Green Tron: $785
Hollow One: $1,070

Jund: $1,920
Storm: $320
Jeskai Control: $1,460
Bridgevine: $1,300
Mardu Pyromancer: $1,100

Since Masters 2017 was released, 5c Humans, UW Control, Hardened Scales, Bant Spirits, Hollow one, and Bridgevine weren't even at the top of the list.

The paranoia about "breaking the secondary market" is NONSENSE!

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At least your Modern deck will stay playable for a long time, and not rotate out... expensive, but if you are competitive, it's the better avenue. 

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Damn, Jund is almost back to 2k?  

Agree with everything said in this thread.  We (Modern) needs good Masters sets.

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