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Is Path to Discovery worth playing in a G/B or B/U/G deck in the coming standard?

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The card: Path to Discovery

by now, pretty much everyone has realised how well the Explore mechanic works with Undergrowth & any graveyard shenanigans that any Golgari based deck want. Being able to pitch things to the yard or draw a land to hand just help the game out a fair bit. A sorcery like Enter The Unknown gains extra value.

But does Path to Discovery work for a deck where you want to recur a lot of things from the yard to the field?

this has been bothering me for a while because I like the card but it feels too slow even if you have ramp/recursion in your deck?

Is it better for grindy games or just something to avoid all together?

thanks in advance your answers/opinions.

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Hmmm, I think it would take a very specific build to make it better than Lifecrafter's Bestiary.


Here's the problem. If you're playing against aggro, both of these are bad. They don't impact the board when they come into play, and while they'll help us catch back up, they could just as easily be the reason you lose.

Against blue control decks, Lifecrafter's Bestiary is way better. First off, the Path only triggers on entering the battlefield, so it won't trigger against counterspells. The Bestiary gives you a scry every single turn, no matter what, and it allows us to draw every time a spell is countered. It's devastating against control decks, especially late in the game when you can cast a two-drop, draw a card, cast a 1-drop, draw a card, etc etc.

So, in my opinion, the Bestiary is a great sideboard option for creature decks, because it gives you an advantage against your weakest matchup - decks that kill/counter your creatures. Path doesn't aid you in that matchup and makes a creature-based slower overall.

Now, with that said, it's still probably fun to play with for the sake of it's jankiness. As someone who has built SEVERAL decks around Panharmonicon, I certainly can't fault anyone for that. :P 

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