Any advice for this deck?

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This is the deck list.

25 land

10 swamp

12 forest

2 evolving winds

1 survivors encampment

23 creatures

4 druid of the cowl

2 snake of the golden grove

2 greenwood sentinel

1 mikaeus. the unhallowed

2 reassembling skeleton

1 triskelion

1 silumgar assassin

1 swarmborn giant

1 ramunap hydra

1 viridian emissary

1 goreclaw, terror of qal sisma

1 jungle creeper

1 glissa, the traitor

1 elvish pioneer

1 marwyn, the nurturer

1 phylactery lich

1 darksteel colossus

1 grunn the lonely king

3 enchantments

1 leyline of the void

1 quest for the gravelord

1 abundant growth

2 sorceries

2 macabre waltz

3 instants

1 titanic growth

1 predators rapport

1 solidarity of heroes

6 artifacts

1 strionic resonator

1 executioners capsul

1 helm of obediance

1 sands of time

2 whispersilk cloak


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Well, when you have a deck, you typically have one style or one-two win conditions.

Weenie/Aggro – Attack with low-cost creatures and be aggressive

Go wide – Make many tokens/creatures and attack with a swarm

Ramp/Beef – Win by big creatures, with trample or just beef

Flyers/Tempo – Win by flyers and evasion, backed up by support spells

Midrange – Wear down opponent with good value cards, a blend of removal, disruption, etc

Control – Control the board by various means (Sweepers, counterspells) and win with specific conditions

Combo – Win by a specific condition. Some combo decks have multiple combos and ways to win.


Blending Combo with Ramp/Beef is very difficult, and pulls the deck is two different directions. Now, if you have a beefy deck that has a ‘whoops I win combo’, that’s fine, but it sounds like you are trying to do two different things at once, and sometimes, you’ll be stuck in the middle.

If you want to build around the beef, I’d suggest focusing on that, and maybe just leave in the combo as a ‘woops’ win condition. To build around the combo, you’d really need 4 of each combo piece, and those are expensive $$$.

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1 hour ago, bonelesspizza said:

Ok, so how would i pull of a combo deck?

Well, that's a pretty broad question. Combo decks are usually the more complicated ones to build, as it takes experience.

Of course, you need to have your combo pieces (4 of each, usually), then you need to build around it.

1. Tutors, card draw, etc... dig to your combo

2. Defense - Some combo decks play a control route (sweepers, removal, etc) until they can build a combo.


For your current deck, I think its fine to have 1 piece of each as an alternate win condition (I see you have a Mikeaus combo, too), but definitely focus on the beats. 

If anything, your deck could use actual removal spells (green fight spells or black kill spells) and maybe some card draw to dig to the combo pieces. 


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Here is a good example of a combo deck that I made "Back in the Day" around Urza's Block:

Scent of Cinder x 4 (urza's)
Sizzle x 4 (Mercadian)
Ball Lightning x 3 (dci)
Wake of Destruction x 1 (urza's)
Keldon Champion x 4 (urza's)
Goblin Gardener x 4 (urza's)
Avalanche riders x 4 (urza's)
Stone rain x 4 (dci)
Shock x 4 (6th)
Incinerate x 4 (deckmasters)
Warmonger x 4 (Mercaian promo)
Ghitu Encampment x 2 (urza's)
Mountain x 18 (various)

You had your choice of Burn or Land Destruction...

Looking at the cards that came out in M19, I started to make a "Megrim/Bottomless Pit deck, but couldn't find anything from Guilds to add to the effect of your opponent having to discard...Hence I am changing to something Black/Blue.. Perhaps a little Control/Discard

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