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I made this chromatic semi-budget homebrew just for fun, and it turned out pretty powerful:

Vivids, Birds, and Shaman fill in the mana-fixing holes, but after Pillar, Ziggurat, and City, there's rarely an issue.

Bring to Light gives it consistency despite the numerous 1-ofs and allows you to pick the Charm for the situation.

Knight of New Alara is the workhorse, of course.

Happy for any suggestions!

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23 hours ago, Jeremy said:

Modern? It looks great, let me know how it does! You may want to try Utopia Sprawl.

Thank you! It's surprisingly consistent. I actually designed it as purely a kitchen table brew—the fact that it's Modern-legal was an accident. If anything, it's a bit too powerful for my kitchen table meta. I bet with a more expensive land base it would do decently in Modern.

The issue with Utopia Sprawl is that it can only enchant Forests, so I'd have to change up the land base.

22 hours ago, JesGolbez said:

that is one crazy-ass brew. Not sure what help I could suggest with, if you want all multi-colour cards.


I might suggest Bituminous Blast, as it does some damage + cascades :)

Thank you!

19 hours ago, Lasraik said:

That looks like fun

It's a blast to play. Feel free to try it out on or cockatrice. Here's a .txt decklist:

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