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Top 5: Cards You Wished You Owned

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Hey, we haven't had a Top 5 in awhile.

Today's topic? The top 5 cards you wished you owned. ***THAT DON'T INCLUDE THE POWER 9***

Yes, let's make it more interesting than just the powah.

For moi:

  1. Karakas - Idiot Jes remembers seeing a Legends Karakas in a store glass display case at $15. I wanted the card, but thought "Why would I spend that $ on a casual card?". Of course, it became a Legacy powerhouse and I missed my window. 
  2. Biogenic Ooze - Yes, from the newest set. I have always wanted an ooze lord, and never managed to crack one :(
  3. Illusionary Mask - One of the most complicated cards of all time, this would pair so well in my Phyrexian Dreadnought deck (one of the older wombo combos). A card on the reserved list and never made it to Revised. I also love the goofy art
  4. Nicol Bolas, the Ravager - I never did manage to get Daddy in his latest form. I have played against him, and he is rather mean in multiplayer, so I have to be careful what I wish for.
  5. Robot Chicken - Yes, this is a real card! Sorta... it was made for the creators of Robot Chicken, and only in an oversized version. My chicken deck (BAWK) would absolutely want 4 of these. 


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1.) Liliana of the Veil - for a Modern Jund Deck

2.) Tarmogoyf - see above

3.) Cavern of Souls - to finish my Legacy deck

4.) Chalice of the Void - see #3

5.) Goblin Game:


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