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Bude, North Cornwall

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Just back from our short Cornish break.We had 5 days and 4 nights in a static trailer on the North Cornwall coast, near the town of Bude. We used a company called Hoseasons. They're most famous for canal barge holidays, but they're also well know for permitting dogs in many of their accommodations.

The resort itself (feels like too grand a description for it) was nice enough. IT was all very clean, tidy and well presented. The resort included a bar, which sol a fantastic hard cider, called Rattler, a restaurant, which was nothing more than average, but didn't pretend to be anything else, and a heated indoor pool. As it was out of season, the entertainment was minimal, but again, we expected that.

On day 2 we went to an Archery school called Red Elk. It's one of two in the UK that permit the public to walk in and do it without having to had some sort of training first. Peter, who ran it, was an odd sort; didn't stop talking for 3 hours. His background was in the forces, although he made out it was nefarious dealings at the local spy HQ. Incidentally, GCHQ was very close by - interesting place to drive by  - dozens of very large microwave and radio telescopes. Two parallel walls of 15ft high nasty looking fencing, and cameras every few meters, pointing every which way. Shows up on Google earth, but no map or sat nav shows it's there. 

We started of trying to hit targets. We both managed the first 3, but the final target at 100 yards eluded us both. After a break, Peter took us around the trench that circled the installation - and was actually earth works, created during the English Civil war 400 years before. The tour consists of a figure of 8 tour of around 20 animal target positioned at various points.

Throughout most of the 3 hours, Caren walked the dog. Fin had a fabulous time and would love to go again.

The only other point of note during the break was a visit to Boscastle. It's a very small harbour village notorious for having been visited by a torrential flood about 10 years ago, which pretty much wiped the place out. 

Cornwall is a different place. Very exposed. All the trees lean in one direction, away from the sea. It has a lovely feel; quite slow. I liked it and said to Caren a few times, it's a place i think i could live.

Photos inc.



2019-02-27 11.10.29.jpg

2019-02-27 11.54.42.jpg

2019-02-27 12.11.24.jpg

2019-02-27 15.21.03.jpg

2019-02-27 15.21.19.jpg

2019-02-27 15.51.03.jpg

2019-02-27 15.42.45.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Out of curiosity, how do they pronounce that name ... Booh-day, Booh-deh, Bud-ee, Bud (e-silent), Bood (e-silent - rhymes with rude) ... etc.?

And if I've learned only one thing from video games, it is that Cornwall was known for their archers (that and their game hens, but that's another info source), second only to the English longbow-man.   :D



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None of those. You draw the 'u' out. As in stewed. Or b-you-d.

Our host went on about the longbowmen for a time. I was using a 24lb draw bow. They used 120lb draw, which seems almost impossible.

In terms of game Hens, i think i met a few. 

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