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Gregynog conference and Batfest

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Most years i attend a staff development conference in deepest darkest mid Wales, at a place called Gregynog (pronounce Gregunog). It's owned by the Uni of Wales, so we get ready access to it. The original building has evolved over time, but was first built over 800 years ago (which means it had already been there for 300 years when Columbus took his trip). About 50-60 IT Professionals in Education attend, some of whom deliver presentations on what's new in tech. It's a 3 day conference. I deliver a quiz and Chair a few sessions. IT suppliers sponsor the event and that pays for all the food and beer. We have a really good time. 

It's has a very old coach and horses stop, with a classical cobbled courtyard and stables enclosed by buildings. My room was on the courtyard. The first night i arrived, i saw what i eventually worked out to be a dead bat on the cobbles with it's head down in a puddle. It was tiny, and i took it to be young. I picked it up and poked around with it for a while, and took it into the room to see it in the light. After a few mins, i could swear i saw an incredibly slight movement, which couldn't be explained by gravity. I poked it a bit more vigorously and eventually decided it still had a tiny bit of life left. But similarly certain it was going to die very soon. 



Having no clue how to revive a nearly-dead baby-bat, i put it on a towel in my room and folded the towel on top of it.

Next morning, no change - barely perceptible reactions to poking and proddings. 

I returned at lunchtime to find this.


So I placed the towel on the window sill and it flew off within seconds.


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Man:  You sold me a dead parrot!  It's dead I tell you!

Shopkeeper:  No it's not; it's merely sleeping.

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