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A bit of a technical AV post

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I'm building this post over time, as i'm too tired to finish it now, but want to get something down.

I bought and built the new music setup around 18 month ago and documented it here: 

I must have been tired. I'd forgotten i'd even started it!

The original intention was to move the hifi into the study, but it won't fit - the room is far bigger in my imagination than in reality. So the hifi is still in the lounge next to the TV. Although the hifi sounds really nice, i only use it only once every month or two. But the speakers are 1st class, which all seem like a bit of a waste of kit. We do watch TV every night nearly, and enjoy the 7 year old Yamaha amp and 5.1 speaker system every night. But i'm sat there listening to the AV with these KEF eggs. Which are nice-n-shit, but they're eggs.



...and all the time i'm staring at these beauty's doing nothing. Monitor Audio Gold GX300.



So, i'm sitting there looking at a post in AVForums, and this chaps has a setup using his hifi speakers as 5.1 front speakers. I had a huge "doh" moment. Not only can I use these speakers, but they're far superior AND i can then reuse the spare eggs to give myself 7.1. With very little outlay.

However, initial excitement over, it turns out you can't just plug both the AV amp and the hifi amp into the same set of speakers -even though the speakers have 2 connections each, without blowing either amp or speakers, or both. So my choices were to buy an amp switch, like this...  Or run front speakers by running from pre-outs on the AV amp, into the hifi amp and then to the big speakers. Unfortunately, my AV amp, which, although brilliant was budget brilliant, and doesn't have pre-outs. As we've managed to save a bit since Christmas, i treated the family to a new AV amp. A slightly uprated class of amplifier than the Yamaha. A Denon AVR X-3500H

I've spent the last week just getting it plugged in, understanding how it all works, and trying to get the best from the various sources. My next step is to move it all, and join it all together. My TV is in its own cabinet in the corner of the lounge, with the PS4, a set-top-box, and AV amp. I need to move it into the bay window space, which is more central to the room, and bring it together with the hifi amp and network streamer. Then place the speakers in their new positions. I'm not convinced the hifi will fit in the AV cabinet.

I'll post some photos when it's finished. 

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13 minutes ago, Elovia said:

Oooohhhh... a cliffhanger. :) 

He likes to keep us in suspense

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