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I'm working on a Nekusar commander deck, and I need some advice. I've found that, when playing against my Mayael commander deck, the deck has a hard time surviving long enough to whittle down opponents. Does anyone have any advice for cards to add/remove to either enable it to survive longer or win faster (keeping away from terribly expensive cards, like Cyclonic Rift)? I've never made a deck that revolves around a function like this(I usually build creature-oriented decks), so I need any advice you may have. This is also my first time posting on this forum, so any tips/guidelines for how I should be posting would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time! Grin

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You could go for cards like Mind Crank, Dustmantle Guildmage or Wheel and Deal to go along with your draw strategy.

Could also go for a win with a Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood combo with your opponents taking damage when they draw.

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