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So, I know this isn't the busiest board in the world, but I have a question to put you guys. Mostly because of the "kitchen table" focus. This isn't about competitive MTG. The folks I play with are playing old school MTG the GAME.

Anyone have decks that WANT to be more than 60 cards? I've been working on a deck for a while now. Dragon Tempest and tokens. It's never been smaller than 64ish cards, and typically sits all the way up around 74. I know. Insane. 

Here's the thing. I trim it down, and it doesn't work as well. I get it back down to 64-66 cards and it flops. I start adding stuff back in, and bam, fat and happy again. It can draw cards pretty efficiently through Dragon's Hoard, Elemental Bond, and Lord Windgrace. It's not a hard deck to stop, but it usually recovers well from assets being wiped. Occasionally, I've even had issue with decking myself with the Elemental Bond.

Anyway, what do you all think about running a deck large if it works better? Or am I just trimming the wrong stuff out?

Deck list forthcoming when I figure out how to link cards.



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Well, I can't find link/tag instructions,(nor do I see any), so...

The deck, as of this moment:

Creatures (19):

3 Dragon Hatchling

3 Dragon Egg

3 Scourge of Valkas

2 Nesting Dragon

2 Lathliss, Dragon Queen

2 Broodmate Dragon

1 Verix Bladewing

1 Dragon Broodmother

1 Bladewing the Risen

1 Utvara Hellkite


Non-creatures (20):

1 Lord Windgrace

2 Dragon Tempest

1 Crucible of Fire

1 Demonic Tutor

1 Vampiric Tutor

2 Diabolic Intent

1 Worldly Tutor

1 Sarkhan's Triumph

1 Elemental Bond

1 Victimize

1 Recurring Nightmare

1 Journey to Eternity

1 Damnation

1 Crux of Fate

1 Casualties of War

1 Windgrace's Judgement

1 By Force

1 Kindred Charge


Artifacts (11):

1 Panharmonican

1 Herald's Horn

1 Ruby Medallion

2 Dragon's Hoard

1 Mox Ruby

1 Mox Emerald

1 Mox Jet

1 Sol Ring

1 Chromatic Lantern 

1 Thought Vessel


Lands (27):

4 Tiaga 

4 Badlands

1 Bayou

1 Rootbound Crag

1 Dragonskull Summit

1 Cavern of Souls

1 Reflecting Pool

1 Haven of the Spirit Dragon

1 Gaea's Cradle

1 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

1 Volrath's Stronghold

1 Karakas

1 Yavimaya Hollow

1 Strip Mine

1 Reliquary Tower

1 Wooded Foothills

2 Bloodstained Mire

1 Verdant Catacombs

1 Mountain

1 Forest

1 Swamp


Currently 77 cards. The Crux of Fate, Kindred Charge, and Nykthos are new ideas thrown in, and it hasn't been played that way yet. It's actually been at 74.

What would you trim out, or would you just let it fly like this? Keep in mind, this isn't a overly-crazy competitive scene. We value fun and flavor over outright wins, although this has won probably 2/3s of the games it's played. There isn't a whole lot of "pro-active destruction" going on. We old school. I only want to trim this down because mana-clump and opening hand mana curve can hurt.

The other issue I'd like to address is non-creature recursion. Mostly getting artifacts back.

What say you?

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